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  1. Jan

    DStv Premium, Family, and Access prices vs inflation - 2000 to 2023

    23 years of DStv price hikes in South Africa Price increases for DStv Premium remain below inflation, whereas DStv Family subscribers are still paying more for their service in real terms than in 2013, a MyBroadband analysis shows. Although MultiChoice’s price hikes for DStv Access have...
  2. Jan

    Outrage as DStv drops 24-hour Big Brother Mzansi from Family and Access

    DStv drops huge channel from cheap packages Many South Africans are furious over DStv's decision to drop the 24-hour Big Brother Mzansi pop-up channel from its Family and Access bouquets. Twitter has been flooded with complaints about the move, with the hashtag "#BRINGBACKCHANNEL198" trending...
  3. Jan

    DStv Compact vs Family vs Access price and channel comparison

    DStv package price and channel comparison — Compact vs Family MultiChoice's recent financial results revealed that although the satellite pay-TV broadcaster is bleeding DStv Premium subscribers, its lower-end packages show substantial growth. Its 2020/21 annual results showed that subscribers...
  4. S

    DSTV Now Device Removal/Unauthorized Device Adding

    Hi All Seems I have an issue. So the DSTV Now app seems to have a flaw as well or else I would not have an issue. If you have a device on their and want to remove it, you can. The problem comes in when that device comes back and you remove again. This happens over and over. The only way is for...
  5. C

    DSTV Fraudsters - How best to deal with them

    I contacted a well known DSTV instillation company, they are quite large and operate from Kempton all the way up to Pretoria. They confirmed that they were definitely DSTV accredited and were able to complete the DSTV instillation to spec. They arrived on site and completed the instillation...
  6. R

    Bypass DSTV HDCP

    Hi Guys, Im not sure if this topic has already been covered, but i'm gna give it a shot anyway. As anyone with an HD capture device (for Xbox 360/PS3) will know, you cannot capture DSTV, they Block you through HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), basically, the decoder recognizes...
  7. D

    Multichoice/DSTV - Are we getting shafted?

    Greetings everyone Something occurred to me the other day when my DSTV decoder bombed out on me. Either Multichoice is really really shafting their customers or I'm missing something. Dstv packages range from R200-R700pm, now if we had to compare that with the cellular industry. If we...
  8. jes

    New DStv Premium channel following customer backlash

    New DStv channel after complaints DStv Premium subscribers will get access to the recently launched MGM channel
  9. jes

    DStv EasyView, Access, Family new channels

    DStv EasyView, Access, Family new channels MultiChoice has added a number of new channels to its bouquets recently
  10. jes

    DStv Access launched, replaces Lite

    DStv Access launched, replaces Lite Along with a new name, two new channels are added to DStv Lite