1. Lashie130

    Buying and iPhone from Dubai

    So I will be traveling to Dubai in December. I am contemplating upgrading my iPhone XS 64GB (Bought in the US in 2019. I know we haven’t received the local pricing for the iPhone 13 Pro yet but currently with the current exchange rate it works out to around R17 500.00 if I am to buy it from the...
  2. Gordon_R

    Three Britons and a South African killed after small aircraft crashes near Dubai airport Breaking story, limited details: Correction, type stated is:
  3. S

    Best way to paying for things overseas

    Hi. I'll be travelling to Dubai soon for work for a few months. What's the cheapest and/or easiest way to pay for stuff abroad. I have a standard bank credit card but i heard the fees are high when swiping overseas. Are there any other international credit cards or payment facilities that would...
  4. C

    Moving to Dubai for work - share your experiences

    I have an opportunity to move to Dubai for work within the next 2 - 3 months. I wanted to get a better idea of peoples experiences working in Dubai, specifically South Africans who have moved there for work. I have some questions: - What was your overall experience like working and living...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    First robot cop to join Dubai police

    First robot cop to join Dubai police The first robot cop will join Dubai police on 24 May, with plans to have 25% of its police force made up of robots by 2030.
  6. Nimz

    VPN for the UAE

    As per the title Recently moved to Dubai and require a VPN, mostly for What's app calling as it is blocked here. As well as Supersport streaming (if possible). Anyone with experience from the UAE? I've tried Tunnel Bear etc but they do not work. Thanks
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Dubai to build new world’s tallest skyscraper

    Dubai to build new world’s tallest skyscraper Dubai plans to build a tower that will stand higher than its Burj Khalifa.
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Take a virtual tour of Dubai

    Take a virtual tour of Dubai Armchair travelers can now take a virtual tour of Dubai skyscraper rooftops, glitzy hotel interiors and other sights
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Police get Google Glass, facial recognition tech

    Police get Google Glass, facial recognition tech Dubai police plan to issue detectives with Google Glass hands-free eyewear to help them fight crime using facial recognition technology, a police spokesman in the wealthy Gulf Arab emirate said
  10. M

    Offer for employment in Dubai

    Yesterday I got an offer for employment for a project in Dubai. This from one of the largest engineering companies in South Africa. Has anyone here have some advice about working there? The offer is only for 18 months but he will get back to me on Wednesday whether there is a possibility for...
  11. A

    iPad release in SA? Price in Dubai?

    Hi there I'm wondering when the iPad will be available in SA? Has anyone talked to the iStore (Core Group) yet regarding their import of the product? And also, what's the price of an iPad in Dubai right now? My dad's going there tomorrow, so I need a price ASAP. Thanks
  12. mercurial

    First Cloned Camel Born in Dubai

  13. P

    Abu Dhabi Rising From Dubai’s Ashes? Dubai Job Market going south:
  14. LazyLion

    Dubai already planning 1 Km tall tower to beat "Burj Dubai"
  15. blunomore

    British woman faces jail in Dubai after sex on the beach

    A British businesswoman allegedly caught having sex on a beach in Dubai has spoken of her 'dread' at a possible six-year prison sentence and branded the whole situation a 'silly mistake'. Publishing firm manager Michelle Palmer, 30, was arrested after a police officer apparently saw her in a...