1. jes

    Motorists shun e-tags

    Motorists shun e-tags A survey by Ask Afrika shows that Gauteng motorists won’t pay an e-toll account, and only 9% have e-tags
  2. Ivan Leon

    SANRAL's Website Offline

    YET ANOTHER EPIC FAIL - #ProudlyBroughtToYouByTheANC! For approximately the last 12 hours or so, as of time of this posting, the SANRAL website has been completely offline, so even REGISTERED e-tag users (all 4 of them - JZ, Dipuo Peters, Nazir Alli & Vusi Mona) cannot check their statements...
  3. jes

    What happens if you don’t pay for e-tolls?

    What happens if you don’t pay for e-tolls? Sanral CEO Nazir Alli explained the process which Sanral will follow if a motorist does not pay for e-tolls
  4. jes

    E-toll wins international tech award: Sanral

    E-toll wins international tech award: Sanral The controversial e-tolling system has won the international 2013 Toll Excellence Award, even though e-tolling was not yet operating as anticipated on Gauteng highways.
  5. J

    Half a million e-tags sold - SANRAL

    E-tags: half a million sold SANRAL has said that around half a million e-tags have been sold ahead of the implementation of the e-tolling system in Gauteng
  6. J

    E-tags rolling out to other provinces

    E-tags go national The e-tolling system’s e-tags will roll out to other provinces, according to Sanral
  7. Jan

    No e-tolls for public transport operators says SANRAL boss

    E-toll exemptions for public transport confirmed SANRAL CEO said that public transport operators would be exempt from toll fees so long as they are registered.