1. J

    Ecommerce restrictions are a mistake - Online stores

    Ecommerce restrictions are a mistake - Online stores South Africa's COVID-19 alert level will be reduced to level 4 on 1 May, which means some restrictions that have applied during the lockdown will be relaxed. Online stores, however, will only be able to sell a slightly extended list of...
  2. D

    Shipping from china

    Has anyone had any experience importing from China? From alibaba and other places. How can one decrease the delivery times to under a week, that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg. Looking at selling low cost items on my website, but the DHL shipping is just much too expensive to make it...
  3. A

    Subscription platform in South Africa

    Hi guys! I need some advice on subscription platforms to use locally in South Africa. I want run a monthly subscription package on a e commerce website where users can pay for it by card through a paygate. It will be a physically product which will be delivered monthly. From my Research: I...
  4. B

    What is your favourite payment method when shopping online?

    This is if you came across a local South African online store.
  5. J

    What South Africans want from an online store

    What South Africans want from an online store South Africans who shop online value one aspect of online shopping more than others - and that's excellent delivery and payments processing. This is according to the 2018 MyBroadband Online Shopping Survey.
  6. K

    Website Builder & Payment Gateway Reccomendations

    Hi All, Please can you assist me with some recommendations for a website builder and Payment Gateway. I need to design a small eCommerce website and need some guidance around which 1. Website Builder to possibly use (Inline with Payment Gateway) 2. SA Payment Gateway offers you the best...
  7. T

    Online business/service serving a foreign audience, do I also pay tax to that country

    Hi, I've been a stalker on these forums for years. I've found countless answers to my questions without having to register. Decided, that I might as well formalize my stalking. Question is: Suppose I am an S.A. registered company with a ecommerce service/site being offered to a UK...
  8. S

    Using either Payfast or Paygate for my Shopify store. Got any tips?

    I'm starting an online store using Shopify. I want use Paygate or Payfast as my payment gateway, but I've read a lot of negative reviews about them, especially on Hellopeter. The problem is that is information is outdated by almost a decade. Is there anyone who uses them or who has used them...
  9. M

    Paypal accepting dollars in SA

    Hi everyone, This is my first post. I would like to start an e-commerce shop that charges dollars. My payment gateway will be paypal. I understand that I have to withdraw my funds from the paypal account every 30 days, however I bank with FNB, which has co-operated with paypal recently...
  10. nemo415

    Game has launched their online store

    Just received an email that we can now shop online from Let's see if it survives this Friday
  11. N

    Has anyone used

    I was browsing pricecheck and stumbled upon a promising looking deal from: I cannot find anything online about them. Seems the site was registered January 2017, and they claim to have rebranded their old site: (registered 31 Aug 2016 by the same...
  12. akuma

    BigCommerce Dropping VCS Support Across All S.A. Stores

    I've been pulling my hair out over a week to get this right. I'm posting this for the benefit of any of you that have stores on BC. It looks like we need to rally to get the attention of BC's devs/engineers/management to pick up and offer support for VCS again. There is a thread here on their...
  13. O

    Fastway Couriers Integration into!

    I'm setting up an online store for my retail business and the only thing holding back the launch is setting up the shipping. I'm currently using Fastway pre-paid satchels for email orders and want to use them for my website, however I can't seem to get the integration right. I bought the...
  14. B

    Advice for first time YouTube video recording for eCommerce site

    Hi All, I'm in the process of starting a small eCommerce site, the site will sell some technical products which will require some instructional YouTube videos. Obviously I'd like the instructional videos to looks as professional as possible. What I'd like to know is what camera should I...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Massive growth in online shopping in South Africa

    Massive growth in online shopping in South Africa South African e-commerce websites have recorded record sales over the festive season, with more people using the online services.
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Top 50 eCommerce websites in South Africa

    Top 50 eCommerce websites in South Africa has revealed the top 50 eCommerce websites in South Africa as part of its annual eCommerce Awards.
  17. R

    E-Commerce Site

    Hi myBBers A quick question. I'm a freelance web developer. I have a start up that I'm creating, and looking to order a hosting account to link to shopify. How many mySQL databases does a startup e-commerce site need? Thanks in advance :).
  18. B

    Multi Service Provisioning Platform

    Hi All, I have created a service provisioning platform which integrates to things such as openstack, google apps for business etc. I'm looking for back end services which I can add to my service catalogue, These can be anything from to custom integration's to popular stuff like hosted...
  19. B

    New Apple iPad range @ Behemoth Technology! (low pricing)

    B-Technology has just added a range of new Apple products to the online store! Apple iPad Air 2 Apple iPad Mini 3 View all our Apple products here: Apple Products and Accessories or Check out our site on for more great deals on our technology range! All-In-One...
  20. M

    Fantastic growth opportunity: Junior to Mid-level Product Owner (Cape Town CBD)

    UPDATE: This position has been filled for now. Company: Mr Delivery Location: Foreshore, Cape Town (Head Office) Salary Range: R28k - R32k CTC Company Profile In 2011, Mr Delivery (under the leadership of new owners) repositioned as a logistics solutions provider and expanded its existing...