1. B

    Engineering Salary

    Hi all. I was wondering what the salaries would be for Electrical and Aeronautical Engineers? This would be for full-time employment. Thanks. B.
  2. R

    TVET College Certificates (N1-N6)

    I've finished my N2 certificate in 2008, but I've never collect it at the college. Will I still be able to collect it at the college?
  3. Kloon

    Fibre and power in same conduit

    I was wondering if in South Africa there are any code against running fibre and electrical wire in the same conduit? Will the installers run the fibre in the same conduit when they come install? Vuma is busy in our area and I had them put my connection box against a boundry wall pillar that...
  4. B

    KLM/Air France Boeing 777-200 Economy Seat Power Outlets

    I will be flying on KLM (outbound) and Air France (inbound) on a trip later this month, and three out of the four planes are 777-200s. The other is a 777-300 (which, as far as I know, is an older member of their fleet). Has anyone flown economy on these planes recently? Do you know if...
  5. B

    SA to EU plugs/cables for travelling

    Hi everyone! I'll be travelling later this month, and am looking for one of these: Does anyone know where to find one locally? I have already checked Cape Union, Takealot, and a bunch of travel stores. All the reps said they're hard to find because of EU/SABS regulations. Otherwise, can I...
  6. Q

    Very old DB, anybody seen this before? possibly 1960's

    We bought a old house and the electricity had to be re-wired. This was the original DB that was used. Has anybody seen anything like this? I don't know where to look for anything like this and want to know if it's worth anything. If not I want to use it for my Raspberry Pi media server...
  7. R

    3 hot plates and oven suddenly started causing earth leakage

    3 of our hot plates and the oven suddenly started causing earth leakage today. It doesn't seem likely that all three 4 things would start malfunctioning at the same time. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. G

    Pretoria vs Stellenbosch Electrical/Electronic Engineering

    What is the department of electrical/electronic engineering at Pretoria uni like? How does it compare to the likes of stellenbosch uni? Thanks
  9. G

    University of Pretoria Electronic/Electrical Engineering opinions

    What is the department of electrical/electronic engineering at Pretoria uni? How does it compare to the likes of stellenbosch uni? Thanks
  10. M

    Electrical brain stimulation beats caffeine – and the effect lasts longer

    Electrical brain stimulation beats caffeine – and the effect lasts longer
  11. E

    Electrical: Help with installing a photocell

    I recently decided to install a photocell with a LED lamp instead of buying the fluorescent day/night lamps. The installation was done today but the LED lamp doesn't switch off. I even tried a normal fluorescent lamp and it did not switch off either. My thoughts are that if the photocell was...
  12. T

    Drilling and electricals

    Hey guys I'm planning to put up a bunch of shelves with L-brackets but am scared of hitting any electrical wiring in the drilling process. The plugs are only about 2cm long each. I know very little of how electrical wiring gets laid during construction but was hoping at least the top 2cm of...
  13. T

    Electrical grounding / audio problem (for PC, Guitar, Headphones, Dishwasher, et)

    I'm just going to throw this out there, does anyone have any tips or pointers for the following electrical problem: I'm currently renting the downstairs section of a double storey house in an urban residential area, but the wiring is old, and the house mains run to a hollow-core steel / alloy...
  14. E

    Proton Gen 2 - Clicking Noise from Headlights

    Well, here is a weird one! I was driving home this evening with my headlights on, about 10 minutes into the drive a loud clicking sound began from the front right side of the car, right where the headlight is. The clicking sound is constant, it does not click faster or slower regardless of...
  15. T

    Property: Electrical Certificate of Compliance

    We have purchased our first house and are currently at the stage where we are waiting for transfer to go through. In the mean time, grown from our experience of how rude the seller is coming across, we are having ECoC concerns. I've read up as much as I can on the subject so far. From what I've...
  16. A

    220V AC Pedestal Fan - Motor Humming and Struggling to Start

    Question: I have a pedestal fan at home that has struggled to start. I press the speed button, it has hummed and then started slowly spinning and then came up to speed. Occasionally it would not start turning at all, I would need to take the aluminium safety grid off and rotate the plastic fan...
  17. D

    Correct wire for pool pump

    Hi I am looking to have a separate cable pulled from the main circuit board in the house to a secondary one by the pool pump. I would like advice on this with regard to the correct breakers to have installed on the main board and on the secondary one. Here are the specs of the pool equipment...
  18. S

    Electrical problem

    Hey Guys After finding out that a rat had chewed a hole into the material under my bonnet, i thought i had figured out why my Ibiza's electronics have been acting funny. Ever since i got the car, whenever i turned the wheel with the lights on they would dim a bit. I kind of just ignored...