1. Hanno Labuschagne

    EskomSePush hits 12 million installs

    EskomSePush hits 12 million installs Load-shedding stage and schedule-tracking app EskomSePush (ESP) has recorded a significant increase in users over the past year. 2023 has been South Africa’s worst year of load-shedding by a substantial margin.
  2. Jan

    South Africa nears an ignoble record: 100 days of blackouts

    One hundred days of almost constant load-shedding South Africa is nearing 100 consecutive days of rolling blackouts, the longest stretch yet, with more to come as its electricity crisis deepens. Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., the state-owned company that produces almost all the electricity in...
  3. Jan

    Criminals use Uber, EskomSePush, Facebook to push drugs and recruit children - Carte Blanche

    EskomSePush and other apps used for drug-dealing, child trafficking in South Africa Criminals in South Africa are abusing social media and utility apps like Telegram and EskomSePush to target children and run drugs, Carte Blanche reports. The issue is especially prevalent on platforms with...
  4. Jan

    EskomSePush's latest stats - 120 days of power cuts in 2022

    Scary load-shedding statistic revealed If Eskom could implement 2022's load-shedding continuously, the rotational power outages would have lasted for roughly four months without interruption. That is according to data published by the well-known load-shedding app EskomSePush.
  5. Jan

    Achievement Unlocked: 2400 hours (100 full days) of load-shedding

    Eskom hits 100 full days of load-shedding South Africa has endured over 2,400 hours — or 100 full days — of load-shedding since the start of 2022, popular load-shedding app EskomSePush has revealed. The country breached the number at 07:00 AM on Friday, 28 October 2022, the 301st day of the year.
  6. Jan

    Power cuts under De Ruyter worse than all previous load-shedding combined

    Load-shedding nightmare under André de Ruyter South Africans have endured more than 4,267 hours of load-shedding in less than three years under current Eskom CEO André de Ruyter. That is according to statistics from popular load-shedding app EskomSePush (ESP) and historical data on load-shedding.
  7. Jan

    Eskom breaks record for longest continuous load-shedding

    Eskom sets new load-shedding record Eskom has implemented its longest uninterrupted streak of load-shedding since it first started rotational power cuts in 2008, according to data from EskomSePush. The popular load-shedding tracking app posted a chart to Twitter showing the 15 longest...
  8. Jan

    Fact check: Does Soweto get less load-shedding than the rest of Joburg?

    The truth about Soweto load-shedding versus rich suburbs A false claim is being peddled on social media that Soweto is getting less load-shedding than affluent and middle-class suburbs in South Africa. The posts have primarily been spread via Twitter and WhatsApp, accompanied by a screenshot...
  9. Jan

    EskomSePush testing user interface update

    EskomSePush testing feature to help users understand confusing load-shedding schedules EskomSePush (ESP) is testing a new feature that will make it easier for users to see when their chosen areas are getting load-shedding over several days. ESP co-founder Herman Maritz posted a screenshot of...
  10. Jan

    South Africa's worst power cuts ever in 2022 - and there are still 170 days to go

    2022 is already South Africa's worst year for load-shedding — with 170 more days to go Data from the popular load-shedding app EskomSePush (ESP) shows that 2022 will either become the worst year of load-shedding within the next few days or already has, depending on how you measure it. ESP...
  11. Jan

    City Power criticises EskomSePush for spreading misinformation

    City Power slates EskomSePush City Power has criticised the EskomSePush app, saying that the application, and similar apps, only create confusion for its customers. This is despite EskomSePush being invaluable for people trying to keep track of Eskom's constantly changing load-shedding stages...
  12. Jan

    Eskom load-shedding stats for January to April - 2022 vs 2021

    Winter is coming and it looks bad for South Africa — load-shedding in 2022 vs 2021 While Eskom has implemented load-shedding on fewer days in 2022 than in 2021, the hours of rotational power cuts have been higher this year. Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer provided the data in response to...
  13. Jan

    EskomSePush's load-shedding data for 2021

    Load-shedding in 2021 — according to EskomSePush South Africa's most popular load-shedding app, EskomSePush (ESP), has built up a large cache of information about the country's loathed rotational power cuts during 2021. ESP co-founder Herman Maritz recently announced he would be working on the...
  14. Hanno Labuschagne

    Google Play Store suspends EskomSePush

    Google Play Store suspends EskomSePush Popular load-shedding notification app EskomSePush (ESP) has been pulled from the Google Play Store. On Sunday, ESP co-founder Herman Maritz tweeted a screenshot of an email from Google noting that the app had been suspended. MyBroadband also found that...