Eskom breaks record for longest continuous load-shedding


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May 24, 2010
Eskom sets new load-shedding record

Eskom has implemented its longest uninterrupted streak of load-shedding since it first started rotational power cuts in 2008, according to data from EskomSePush.

The popular load-shedding tracking app posted a chart to Twitter showing the 15 longest load-shedding streaks to date, stating that Eskom had not suspended load-shedding in more than 450 hours.
Next stop the Olympics!

Eskom going to bring home the gold!
We need the Cubans to come help us. Those comrades know who to deal with technology. They can keep a 1950s Ford or Chevy running. They must be good.

The Cuban government says the energy crisis is driven by a lack of fuel and an aging energy grid. “We have a situation of deterioration,” Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel acknowledged recently, “which cannot be quickly resolved.”

He’s not wrong: half of Cuba’s electricity comes from 13 thermoelectric plants, most of which were built in the Soviet times. Before even considering fuel, the country needs $250 million a year just to maintain and operate its grid, according to the Cuban Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Funny, they have exactly the same problems. And yet are on the other side of the planet. Must be systematic racism as it certainly cannot be the rotten ideology both government share.
Worst part is the record set in the article is still being broken - and most likely will continue to be broken until at least Sunday.