1. L

    Why approve a contract if you don't have the stock (IT IS NOT FAIR ON CUSTOMERS!)

    :mad::mad:I took out two contracts for the Huawei P9 lite at the Adderley street Telkom branch. I ordered black and gold they said they were receiving stock this week. Now when I call to ask "around when this week?", they saY they did receive stock but only for the customers that had signed...
  2. R

    MWEB Connect Acceptable Usage Policy (Unethical Sales Tactic)

    Has anyone else gotten this "nice" message from MWEB? Here it is: Dear MWEB Customer We want to ensure you get the best possible Internet experience, by managing the quality of our network. We monitor the usage on our network and make sure that customers are not abusing certain defined...
  3. Rouxenator

    Dell Settlement reveals all intel's evil secrets

    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/07/26/after_the_dell_settlement/ :D Feels kinda good to go "Told you so!" ;)
  4. T

    Nature of Divine Omniscience

    In Islam, there is an convenient term for all religions that feature Yahweh as their main or only deity, namely 'Religions of the Book'. Three religions fall under this term; Islam, of course, as well as Judaism and its later offshoot, Christianity. Several interesting common traits are found...
  5. V

    Money source of evil in ANC: Zuma

    /with a gansta accent From the mouth of da horse! :rolleyes: Story
  6. CrzWaco

    Good vs Evil

    So do you play a good or evil character? Last time I tried playing a evil character was in Fable and I sucked at it, tried again with mass effect but it just did not feel right. Even with Fallout 3 I had godly karma. Same with Baldur's gate was lawfully good.
  7. G

    Why the hate?

    Why do dogs hate cats? What did cats ever do to them? Sure cats are mostly arrogant and maybe even pretentious but seriously. Dogs are mostly loyal, caring and most importantly subordinate. They'll basically never let you down. Which begs the question, do they know something we don't? Are...

    MXit is making me Evil

    This past weekend I had the uncontrolable urge to tune 3 chicks to send me nude pics of themselves. One chick is really smoking hot! Got pics of her completely naked. Other chick, also hot, pics of boobs only. Chick #3 in her underwear. Am I lucky or insane... or am I becoming evil or...
  9. LazyLion

    You guys better look out!!!

    I am compiling my evil plan right now... http://www.darksites.com/evilplan.php you may now proceed to soil yourselves! :cool:
  10. Lycanthrope

    My Latest Telkom Experience

    What's wrong with that picture? I have a 4mbps line, I'm situated in Cape Town, and I have a ping of 1353ms, download speed of 764kb/s and upload speed of 75kb/s to Johannesburg. I have just got off the phone with someone after saying, "I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM SYNCHRONISING, I DO NOT HAVE ANY...