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    Technicolor TG589vn v3 VDSL Router + ZyXel Wireless Extender (MWEB branded)

    Item: Technicolor TG589vn v3 VDSL Router (Mweb FON VDSL router) + ZyXel WRE2205 Wireless Extender (MWEB branded) Age: 3 years Price: R300 for both Warranty: None Packaging: Yes, original Condition: Brand new, never used Location: Lenasia, JHB Reason: Never been used, not needed Shipping: At your...
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    Wireless Wifi Adapter/Extender

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to use an old router as a wireless wifi range extender? I'm slightly confused, some articles say you need an Ethernet cable between the primary router and extender router but others say this is not necessary. Does anyone know more about this, or maybe has a similar...
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    Powerline network help

    Been struggling like mad these past few weeks to get WiFi coverage throughout my home. Its a large double storey house with thick walls. Unfortunately, the modem cannot be moved from where it is. I have tried wireless extenders and they just won't work. I have bought top of the range Belkin...
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    Any Specs on the Free Mweb Router and Range Extender Offer?

    Does anyone know the specs of the Mweb Router and Range extender hardware? is it dualband? mbps? N+?AC? Specs would be great :) this is all i can find: Easy installation and set-up Ability to broadcast multiple WiFi Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs). Private SSID for home use and a...
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    Using Telkom Mega-100WR2 as a wired wifi extender?

    I want to extend the Wi-Fi that is currently on my top floor down to my bottom floor. I am using the Mega-100WR2 as a modem and an access point and I was wondering, if I bought another Mega-100WR2, would it be possible to connect Mega 2 with Mega 1, and share Mega 1's internet with Mega 2? I...
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    HD Movies Lag over Xbox 360 Media Center Extender

    Hey Guys, I have a Xbox 360 streaming all my movies and music from my Windows 7 PC using the Extender Setup. I recently got myself a HD TV and the HD cables for my Xbox along with it. Now I started collecting HD movies and noticed that playing them over the network from my pc on my Xbox...