1. AcceleritZa

    Mpumalanga Fibre - DynamicFibre - Accelerit ISP

    Hello everybody - Finally we are super excited to announce we are available in the Mpumalanga region (Witbank, Middleburg and more to come soon) via Dynamic Fibre's network. Dynamic Fibre has already passed over 1000 homes in this region and all you need to do to get connected is apply via this...
  2. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit Business Fibre- Bloemfontein

    Hello Friends, We are excited to announce we now offer business broadband fibre services in Bloemfontein at IS data-center!! We are looking for ISP / Resellers / Integrators to offer our broadband services to their clients as an alternative and competitive product to the dull and old...
  3. OnePlus Fans

    OnePlus Fans !

    Hey everyone! For those that do not know what or who OnePlus is, they are the latest a greatest within the cellphone industry ! One of the fastest growing cellphone companies and for good reasons. They are fast and sexy phones at a good price ! For those that do know OnePlus I am trying to...
  4. T

    Rustenburg FTTH | 123NET | Internet

    Please help get 123NET awesome fibre service in Rustenburg. We need at least 300-500 people so sign up so we can get it. Here are the details : Prices range from R499 to >R1000 (Speeds are 1GBPS which is super fast!) We can also get free 5mbps if we sign up and pay the once-off...
  5. F

    Helderkruin + Wilropark + Roodekrans FTTH via Vumatel

    I'm starting this thread in the hope to hear that there are other users in these areas who are interested in fibre. This area is comprised of mostly residential homes and we don't really seem to have an ideal central community platform where we could all petition together for something like...
  6. W

    WiFibre just got faster

    Hi All, We have reworked our packages and added 50% on speed and FUP. We are still running super low contentions 1:5 and will continue to provide a premium UNSHAPED service. Full breakdown on Regards Team WiFibre
  7. NeonNinja

    Ain't no one got nothing on me!

  8. M

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich gets twice as fast thanks to Linaro

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich gets twice as fast thanks to Linaro, the future looks even brighter Source
  9. S

    Sigh, but I still wouldn't move back to the UK

    Excerpt from a mates facebook page Anyone interested in getting a good deal on Virgin Media? PM me Mates Rates deal A FREE TiVo® 500Gb 1TB (if they don’t already have TiVo)- limited time only! FREE Installation (only available to new customers) 60Mb Broadband (XL60) Talk Weekends...
  10. R

    Which CPU will give better performance? 2 options.

    Here are my options: Intel Dual Core E6300 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8GHz The FSB is...
  11. LazyLion

    592 Km/h Bus built by enthusiast!
  12. K

    Moving from europe and LOST!

    Hi, I am moving to SA from Europe and am trying to get my head around ADSL offerings - HELP! I am used to fast (8MB-24MB) lines with no caps, no difference between local and international and shaped and unshaped. Working from home a lot and using financial trading systems but no idea how...
  13. T

    Any body noticing the speed?

    At home, for a while I could never get on GMail, Adsense and Other Google Services from my computer. Now suddenly there's been an instant boost of speed especially on local traffic. The latency seems much lower, sites are loading so much faster. And for once I can get on GMail, Blogger, AdSense...
  14. Q Service

    I'm not usually one for applauding service on public forums however I have to give a big thumbs up to for very very excellent service I received from them. I ordered 2x OCZ Memory Coolers yesterday at 10:39am (Paid via EFT) - Arrived at work this morning and they had been...
  15. G

    Fast uncapped internet solution

    Hi all, I am looking for a internet connection that i can supply to about 40 offices in an office block. I am looking for the following: Decent speed which i can split between each office using a server. Preferably fixed line. Uncapped. Could you please post some info on my...