1. A

    ISP Remotely Controlling Router Settings

    I Recently moved and installed fibre at my new home. I took advantage of a ongoing black Friday deal that included free Vuma installation (for some reason not many ISPs do VUMA installations for free) My router was supplied after installation was confirmed, fortunately I have my old router and...
  2. pastryk

    Did Fibre Drain My Battery?

    I have some oldish Samsung devices- S7 edge handset and a Galaxy Tab S2 10.1 I've had Vuma Reach Fibre ONT for about a month and coincidently noticed these devices' battery drain 3 times faster compared to when I had ADSL. The strange part is that the tablet isn't in use much and all apps are...
  3. C

    Vodacom Fibre nightmare

    Hi, I hope I'm posting under the right forum topic. We received an intrem dongle and router while awaiting our Vodacom fibre installation. Since receiving it (16th May), we couldn't get it to work. The dongle shows a purple light and router is synchronised. All is up and running. But as soon as...
  4. King_Qwerty

    When is Fibre arriving in LENASIA???

    Can anyone please assist in letting the citizens of Lenasia about the arrival of Fibre, it is becoming a serious issue because there are many ISP providers that are providing outstanding deals BUT we are unable to apply as it is NOT coveraged in our AREA!
  5. P

    Fibre available in Kempton Park?????

    I wanted to find out if there is any Fibre to Home internet available in Kempton Park, they laid Fibre cables infront of our home in Terenure street, but how do I find out who the provider is, i have tried all the the big companies like Telkom but no luck?? Can anybody point me in the Right...
  6. R

    FTTH Craigavon Fourways

    Hi , Not sure if anyone is aware of whether fibre is being installed in Craigavon , i have seen them digging up trenches on Campbell Road behind Cedar Square shopping centre, and not sure who the installers are, if anyone has additional information would be helpful. Thanks,