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    Never ever signup with fibrestream!!!!!

    SERIOUSLY!!! I signed contract for R751.. 2months in they upped it to R803. I complain, they simply threw the book at me.. BAM!! They changed name from SKYFI to FIBRESTREAM.. my debit didn't go off.. BAM!! R150 fee.. Next month i pay them manually as the debit wont go off.. BAM!! 2 days...
  2. S

    Fibrestream a predatory ISP BEWARE

    Fibrestream is an owner run ISP that relies on predatory billing operations to make money. It makes a debit order mandatory, promises the earth, then fails to deliver. But you are caught in their web. When you try to leave they will tie you up in red tape small type about cancelling through...
  3. D

    Fibrestream WISP

    Watch out people. Fibrestream is not what you think it is. Listen to the telephone conversation that I had with them. #fibrestream #fibrestreamSA @fibrestreamsa