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    WebAfrica Transparency

    I'm quite impressed with how transparent WebAfrica is with regards to their products. I checked the availability of Fixed Wireless LTE at my dwelling and it showed that i am covered. HOWEVER, i also received a warning message stating that although i'm covered, my location is far from the Tower...
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    Fixed LTE wireless

    Can anyone recommend the best fixed LTE wireless provider to move to? I am completely done with Afrihost and Cell C, very poor service from them. Nothing costly too as I am a student.
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    Cell C fixed wireless LTE

    My cell C fixed wireless has been down for 2 days now. Since Friday afternoon. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I’m in Hatfield, Pretoria. It’s so frustrating
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    Afrihost Rain LTE-A Alternative

    Hi, I switched "up" from my asdl to LTE-A with Afrihost towards the latter part of last year. Besides the delivery, speed, signal and service issues :mad:, I have a few a questions I'm hoping the community can help with. Come the 6 months period, if their service has not improved, I'm...
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    Do all fixed wireless WISP options require line of sight?

    I am looking at fixed wireless for an option, as Telkom is yet to install a line to my home. I am currently on the Afrihost Mobile 20+20 GB deal (40 GB anytime), but its quite expensive at R1086 (currently). My question is, do all fixed wireless installations require a line of sight to the...