1. C

    Where can i swap my PS4 games

    Instead of trading my games into bt games, is there any way to sawp my game for another game of equal value?
  2. Jamie McKane

    Here is what you can really buy at Game

    Here is what you can really buy at Game Game stores have a limited number of products which cater for the high-end tech market. This was our assessment following a visit to two major Game stores in Gauteng.
  3. NeonNinja

    Press the middle word(s) on your keyboard for 25 strokes!

    I have attached my resume for your reference and hope to hear from you soon as I am aware of the World World year out and I hope that you will be able to.
  4. Prawnapple

    Word Disassociation Game

    The object of this game is to post a word that has no obvious connection to the previously posted word. For example: Cheese Ferry Gymnastics Hamster To start: Gravy If your word has some association, you lose 50 internet points.
  5. ECHLN

    Call of Duty: Mobile

    Hey all. Today marks the day that Call of Duty: Mobile is officially released world wide. This thread will be a place to talk about the game, get news updates on the game and to meet people to play with. Official CALL OF DUTY® designed exclusively for mobile phones. Play iconic multiplayer maps...
  6. J

    x2 PC gamepad controller

    #1 Item: x2 PC gamepad controller. 18 button Age and condition: Very good condition Do you include packaging: None Warranty: No Reason for selling: Cleaning house Price: 100 both Negotiable: No Location: Sunninghill Shipping or collection: Shipping at own cost. Prefer collection. 2 usb wired PC...
  7. S

    Gamers looking for competitions, have a look at out channel

    Hi there, So the goal of this channel is to unite gamers of South Africa. We can show the world that we are large enough to have local servers for all games. Some of the larger games like Battlefield and COD have local servers, but why end there? With COD Blops 4 out, we found that the...
  8. RedViking

    3 word game: The New New Newest thread

    Vikings are fierce
  9. RedViking

    The answers only thread! (II)

    The unicorn is a shy creature not visible to the unimaginative mind.
  10. nemo415

    Game has launched their online store

    Just received an email that we can now shop online from Let's see if it survives this Friday
  11. ProjectEC97


    Has anybody ever heard of the game called Paladins? If not then I would like to talk about it and introduce others. Paladins is a free-to-play PC and console (PS4 and Xbox 1 only) game that was released into Open Beta end of 2016 for PC and May of 2017 for console. The game is a 5v5 team based...
  12. Zoomzoom


    Ok so I'm turning to MyBB for answers once again cos it seems like the only place to get any help. A friend of a friend is a visiting SA in December on a budget but wants to go hunting for a few days. Can't afford the cost of a safari tourist hunt, and in any case, just wants to experience...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Which video game would you like to be remastered?

    Which video game would you like to be remastered to current PS4/Xbox One/PC gaming standards?
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Game Birthday Sale – “Nobody can beat our prices”

    Game Birthday Sale – “Nobody can beat our prices” Game has launched its Birthday Sale, which runs from 25 April to 2 May 2017.
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    We’re sorry – Game

    We’re sorry – Game Game has issued an apology to customers, following an article by MyBroadband which exposed mislabelled “Full HD” TVs in South Africa.
  16. vorman

    GAME Black Friday Deals

    What a joke!
  17. Z

    The Loyalty Card Revenge

    Are you tired of being asked if you have a store's Loyalty Card at the checkout? If you've chosen to have one I'd expect, except on the odd occasions when it slipped your mind, you'd be eagerly presenting the card to the checkout assistant. No reminder necessary. On the other hand, if you've...
  18. G

    Quantum Break Xbox One still sealed

    Hey guys, I have a Quantum Break Xbox One game for sale. Brand new, still sealed. Unwanted gift. Collection during the week can be done in parktown area, or weekends in Roodepoort. Alternatively can arrange door to door courier for R75 Price : R800
  19. NeonNinja

    What Android game are you playing at the moment?

    8 Ball Pool.
  20. T

    Blizzard StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. New Multiplayer Feature!

    Blizzard StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. New Multiplayer Feature - ARCHON MODE! Two heads are better than one: you and an ally share control over a single base to battle against two enemies in multiplayer action. Learn basic tactics from a seasoned veteran or amplify the power of a...