1. Jamie McKane

    Gamers aren't happy with Nintendo Switch Online

    Gamers aren't happy with Nintendo Switch Online Good things come to those who wait. Except, maybe, for Nintendo Co. gamers. The company that created Super Mario and Zelda is finally embracing online gaming with the debut of its first online subscription service, charging $20 a year for users...
  2. Newsfeed

    You can play LawBreakers for free on PC this weekend

    You can play LawBreakers for free on PC this weekend PC gamers will be able to play multiplayer shooter LawBreakers for free this weekend.
  3. P

    Connecting one child at a time "Changing the world"

    Do you have unwanted computers or components lying around your garage or basement? You just don’t know what to do with them besides throwing them in the bin. If that’s the case please don’t, out there is a child in need for computer and the power of technology as a whole. A lot learner that...
  4. D

    Console Indecisiveness

  5. N

    OPENWEB Terrible For Gamers and Downloads

    I have been a long-time Customer of OpenWeb. I have one of their then-premium 10MB Uncapped ADSL Gaming accounts. I complained that my account was throttled to a near standstill where my account was specifically designed not to be throttled for Downloads or Gaming. OpenWeb sent...
  6. Jan

    South African gamer survey: take aways, booze, and sex

    South African gamers: fast food, alcohol, and sex A new survey sheds light on South Africa’s gamers, including their favourite fast foods and which beer brands they prefer.
  7. W

    The Hammer of hell falls on criminal gamers

    Several thousand” Diablo III cheaters banned - By Tarryn van der Byl at Making good on their sworn oath of swift retribution yesterday, Blizzard’s banhammer team has been busy battling evil on the Diablo III servers, resulting in “several thousand” bans. “We recently...
  8. LazyLion

    A Web Browser for Gamers! You can download it here .