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Jul 22, 2015
I have been a long-time Customer of OpenWeb.

I have one of their then-premium 10MB Uncapped ADSL Gaming accounts.

I complained that my account was throttled to a near standstill where my account was specifically designed not to be throttled for Downloads or Gaming.

OpenWeb sent Emails saying that my account would not be throttled at all up to a monthly usage of 320 GB. Thereafter only browsing would be throttled as per the below email:

Introducing our brand new Premium Uncapped Shaping system. All accounts are unshaped until you reach the below amount of GBs in a new month. These values are adjusted monthly as the network load increases or decreases. They will never be adjusted during the course of the month. Once shaped, you will enter the Home Uncapped Premium shaping pool, with a MUCH lower contention ratio and higher priority on the network. Shaping will only be applied when the network is busy. You will still be unshaped between 00:00 and 07:00 daily, guaranteed, no matter how much bandwidth you have used.

I can confirm that they Throttle you to death!

Terrible ISP for Downloads and Gaming.


I have an account with OpenWeb that I wanted cancelled ASAP due to Service issues.

I sent an Email cancelling my contract effective Next week Monday. 27th July.

Based on my contract with Openweb I should be able to do that as when I signed up with Openweb they had a policy stating that "You can leave at any time without any additional costs. No Notice period required."

So essentially You could try them for two weeks, two days or whatever. If you did not like the service you could leave and only be billed for two weeks, two days or whatever.

Now they sent me a reply:

"Your account will expire at the end of August 2015 as per the calendar months cancellation notice period required. If you are on a debit order your final debit will occur on the first working day of August 2015.
Your reference is this ticket number.
Whilst we are sad that you have chosen to cancel your account we hope that you will return to the OpenWeb family soon!"

Not Acceptable.

I do not recommend OpenWeb to anybody.

I am moving my account to either VOX or AXXESS (might not go AXXESS as they have recently been bought by Afrihost which I have not heard any good things about.
I stopped using these idiots long ago after struggling with them for ages - So many OW users 'watch' our threads (when we moan about OW), laugh at why we moaning about *** - reality is, it's only a matter of time before YOU too realize and leave them.

OP: Use this month that they are making you pay to INFORM / EDUCATE the rest of SA exactly how OPENWEB work.
Thanks for the reply man. Yes, I am now moving to VOX.

Better rates as well, better service.
Ah good old OpenWeb "Gaming Accounts". I also signed up for one of their "Gaming" packages back in the day and experienced the same issues as you. When I complained about it on their Facebook page (Due to them failing to resolve the issue after many emails back and forth with their support) they deleted my post and banned me from the page.

Bunch of ****tards.
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