1. S

    Happy SysAdmin Day

    Since today is System Admin day where can one download freebies?
  2. T

    Doing your K53 motorcycle learner's licence on the new system

    So I must do my Learner's Licence on the new system - computer instead of the manual pencil & paper multichoice test. I was told that the new system has 80% fail rate and 10% pass rate. And some motorcycle schools can't tell you what to study for the Learner's test - because the ENatis system...
  3. N

    OPENWEB Terrible For Gamers and Downloads

    I have been a long-time Customer of OpenWeb. I have one of their then-premium 10MB Uncapped ADSL Gaming accounts. I complained that my account was throttled to a near standstill where my account was specifically designed not to be throttled for Downloads or Gaming. OpenWeb sent...
  4. M

    Remote downloading

    Good morning all, I'm not sure if the title made 100% correct sense. Essentially I am away quite a bit for work but my laptop at home stays on, doing general downloads. All of those downloads would have been started while I was there. I was just wondering whether there was a way to select a...
  5. J

    Best ISP for p2p downloads

    Hi guys, so ive been on telkom 4mbps uncapped for a while, their p2p speeds are killing me. It seems like they only throttle on some p2p downloads, tv series around 100-300mb download full speed,400KBps most of the time, other downloads such as games, big files a few gigs are very slow 0-50kBps...
  6. W

    FINALLY- I setup my PC to automatically download TV shows. Here's HOW

    I'd Like to share my success in setting up my pc so that it can automatically download my TV episodes. Ive made a step by step video on how to do it. Visit the video here
  7. S

    Is virgin mobile internet still charging 60c per MB?

    Hi all. I have been using Virgin Mobile for the past 8 years. At first they were charging 50c per MB then they later changed it to 60c per MB. Lately I have noticed that when browsing sometimes my airtime balance shows that it has sometimes decreased by around R2, even though I browsed a page...
  8. LazyLion

    Filebot Gets Your Downloaded Music and Movies in Shape for you! NOTE! Filebot uses the Java Web Launch System so you might...
  9. wrinklyo

    What the hell is downloading in the background?

    I connect up to the internet using my cellphone (MTN). I check email, do some banking, and read the news on Google. When I check my data counters I've downloaded 27MB of data. And I can't find out what the hell it is that's downloaded. Windows updates switched off, Adobe updates switched off...
  10. T

    ADSL 512/1mbs and Uncapped ISP question

    I'm sure I'll get the usual 'Search the Forum' answers, but trust me, I have searched and I'm not getting the answers I'm looking for. Can those in the know please advise me the following: 1.) Does Telkom still sell 512k ADSL? Or is the 'Faster' option now officially a 1mb line? 2.) I...
  11. A

    WoW Patches and Updates in SA

    Hi Guys As u all know some of us are on a capped internet service and while i was trying to install WoW it needed to d/l a huge patch which is like way more than my entire cap. Are there any places in Pretoria where I can get these patches from, wud like to play the game but jeez those d/l...
  12. jes

    The most popular female musicians in SA and Europe, according to the internet

    The most popular female musicians in SA and Europe, according to the internet Nokia predicts this year's winners of the Best Pop, Female, Song and Video categories at the MTV Europe Music Awards
  13. rpm

    Private and unshaped P2P downloads with Downstorm

    Private and unshaped P2P with Downstorm South Africa's own torrent downloading service gets reviewed
  14. rpm

    Mobile music downloads

    Mobile music downloads in Africa Arrival of mobile music downloads heralds the beginning of a real services sector in Africa
  15. LazyLion

    Liam Gallagher Hates Rock Stars Moaning about Piracy! Haha... he puts it so well! :D
  16. NomNom

    New Local Open Torrent Site!

    Hey all is back under a new name called Diginova!! :) The foundations upon which was built stays. This site will never become an invite-only tracker. So come and join us at :D
  17. threegee

    Unrestricted APN Corrupting Downloads

    After a week of having problems with downloads being corrupted and having major fights with a software company overseas where I purchased some really expensive software, this evening, after yet more corrupted downloads, I decided to try switching back to the Internet APN. Through the Internet...
  18. G

    HTTP downloads crawling - shaping query

    I'm on WA SAIX shaped. During the day, when I normally browse intl sites, watch Youtube videos or download any files from websites, I get a transfer rate of around 40KB/s on my 384Kbps line. As expected. However, today I tried to watch a few Youtube videos, downloaded files from sites like...
  19. DA-LION-619

    Quickshare Links

    We all know about quickshare but not about the downloads so when you upload something put the link here and info on what it is
  20. R

    MTN Music Downloads - Questions

    Perhaps someone has downloaded music from the MTN Loaded interface and can provide some information. Is the music DRM free? I would like to add the music to my iTunes library and between the various media player devices I own. What is the format and bitrate of the music? I prefer MP3's...