1. Z

    Your experience with Fibre & your service provider

    My town is (finally) in the process of fibre rollout (Evotel). What would be my best option for fibre if I want decent latency? I've been using MTN LTE on Supersonic for the last 2 years was , and OMG latency really goes to hell in the evening, so badly that I usually plug in a seperate LTE...
  2. BamboozledAttorney

    Vumatel's surprise speed upgrade... I know the promo is only effective from today, and it may still take time for the temp upgrade to get initialised with whoever's ISP is on board with this promo, but is there anyone who was directly told by their...
  3. sangiro

    Afrihost Pure LTE (MTN) in the sticks

    I have been an Afrihost client since October 2021. In short, MTN in the sticks services/towers are over congested, especially from 15:00 to 22:00 daily, and/or they are throttling clients. I went through the LTE department (about 4 times) and @AfriNatic MTN Coverage Department has had every...
  4. M

    Setup Fibre

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to ask questions... I would like to know how I can get permission from my local municipality to setup fibre network as an ISP in my neigborhood, Does anyone know? I spoke to people at Tswane but I am not getting clear answers. Regards MrAlwaysAwesome
  5. Lashie130

    What undersea cable does my ISP use?

    Hi There My BB Reader So I couldn’t actually find anything online about which undersea cables ISP’s use. This is simply for educational purposes for myself. From what I can tell as per This site, we have 9 undersea cables connected to South Africa. 2 of those 9 to be completed in 2023. I was...
  6. V

    Vox Telecoms' crimina behaviour (also terrible service)

    Vox not only failed to deliver my product in a reasonable timeframe (should be instantly activated on signup), not only failed to communicate, they also employ criminal behaviour. I'm an existing client on their system. The bandwidth package I signed up for was only activated A WEEK LATER, which...
  7. Itsa Trap

    Price differences

    Hi so I guess for some this will be a stupid question, my apologies in advance, but why are business offerings from the same ISP for certain line speeds so much more expensive than say the same linespeeds they offer homes?
  8. BamboozledAttorney

    ISP prices are up?

    Clearly there is a price increase on Afrihost's website. Current: End of December 2021: From the looks of it, even Openserve as an FNO got a price increase. Current: From last year: Same with Frogfoot: Current: From last year: Anyone knows if other ISPs are going to do an increase?
  9. B

    2X Advanced Core Network Engineers (Mikrotik/Huawei)

    If you read this - let's hope you intentionally clicked the topic. We looking for 2X Advanced Core Network Engineers, mostly working on Mikrotik CCR's, some Huawei, little Cisco. Positions are available for each individual as well. A test link will be sent to you for pre-qualification. Once...
  10. T

    Do any ISP's still provide capped data accounts without line rental?

    So I'm currently on an Openserve 40Mbit fibre line. In the past I used to have a backup 100GB Afrihost data account for the rare occurrence that Openserve shat the bed. Lately I'm been having issues with Openserve. At least once a week their DNS servers (I'm assuming) go to absolute ****, and...
  11. Krypton Web - AQP

    Technical Support Agent - CPT

    Overview: We are looking for a technically skilled candidate with good problem-solving abilities for the position of Technical Support Agent in Epping, Cape Town. The duties of a Support Agent include troubleshooting and problem solving any IT related issues that customers have. The Technical...
  12. C

    Vumatel monopoly and Webafrica incompetence

    I have fibre internet via Webafrica at my home and for the most part i'm happy with it. I logged a call on their Whatsapp chat for a second fibre line at my mother-in-law's house in Athlone. A sales rep phoned me and we confirmed the sale for the fibre line in Athlone, he said it would take up...
  13. C

    Help me choose fibre ISP (Durban)

    Fibre going live in a month or so in my area. Three FNO's installing, looking at Mitsol (Other two are HyperHood and Metrofibre Networks). Any ISP's to stay away from/ bad experiences?
  14. T

    Rain and VPNs

    Does anybody know if Rain is throttling all VPNs? Iam with privateinternetaccess and all VPN connections are throttled down to 1Mbps.
  15. DMaulidi

    Fibre Backbone

    Good evening, I was wondering if anyone knows the process of getting a Fibre Backbone to a complex? As the current our ISP is currently using has been awful, we've never gone a month without having an incident and it's frustrating. Preferably we'd like to get a backbone that works with a...
  16. M

    Mweb speeds

    Howzit guys, Sometime last year due to COVID, the company I work for decided to pay for our fibre lines so that we could work from home. We were given the base speed of 20/20 Mbps on the Mweb ISP. Now, because I wasn't paying for the fibre, I wasn't too fussed when the speeds were inadequate or...
  17. N

    Vumatel the new Mediocre fiber provider

    Vumatel have bought the fiber backbone infrastructure from SA Digital Village. Since they have taken over the service has deteriorated to an alarming extent. It is so bad that Vumatel cannot transfer a connection from one ISP to another within a period of 7, yes 7 days. They have also, in order...
  18. MogenNaidoo

    Openweb Service and Theft (Reseller)

    Hi guys, I should have actually done my due diligence first on Openweb which I normally do and now I see a lot of people saying stay away from Openweb. I am reseller for Openweb and month after month I have been making a loss from Openweb. Their policies and their support are atrocious. I've...
  19. P

    Why MTS (Mind The Speed) stands out above the rest... :)

    I have been a long time connoisseur of the internet and have always made sure I have an active online connection. As a technical person in the ICT industry it is paramount that when working from home I have an online active solution. I have thoroughly struggled to have that though, a good decent...