1. N

    Afrihost - no dealing with Telkom they say

    Hi I am in need of an ISP that 1. knows what they are doing 2. provides you with service they claim to. Far too often have I found bad ISP service in South Africa and Afrihost rates next to Telkom/MWEB in my books. It is true that they respond next to instantly to any messages sent their...
  2. M


    Hi Guys, Getting VDSL before the end of September, and wondering which ISP is the best with regards to speeds/throttling etc. If there has already been a thread, i apologize in advance. TIA
  3. A

    Fair Disclosure - Company Employees on the Forum

    I've been having problems with an ADSL account and was advised to come on the forums to see if anyone else had the same experience. I was surprised to see a mix of people with some saying their accounts are just fine. Most of the rest seem to have the same trouble as I have. It seemed odd to...
  4. C

    Wireless BroadBand in Midrand

    Hi Guys I'm living in Glen Austin, in Midrand, on West Road, near the Anne Road intersection, and I'd like to know if anyone lives close by, and has a decent ISP, for a a reasonable price. I'm using MTN 3G at the moment, and it's extremely slow on full signal, and it frustrates me to no end...
  5. C

    Crystal Web Survey - we need your sage advice.

    Hi all, As a part of the finalisation of our product range, and our commitment to taking on board suggestions from existing customers and the wider community as a whole, please can you complete the following survey for us -
  6. J

    Best SA ISP for streaming internet TV eg. Netflix?

    Is there an ISP in SA offering a consumer level internet package which will run streaming TV smoothly? I'm currently with Afrihost 4Mb uncapped on a 4Mb line ( tells me my line can get about 2.5Mb/s), which I was led to believe would be ample for streaming TV such as Netflix...
  7. princes_arabella

    Cybersmart - Connection keeps terminating

    Yesterday I started experiencing problems on my Cybersmart 2MBps uncapped home line. The internet would turn on and off every few minutes. After phoning them and checking my connection logs, discovered dozens of attempts to connect, with each connection terminated after a few minutes. They say...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Netflix agrees to ISP speed deal

    Netflix to pay ISPs for smooth streaming Video streaming service Netflix has agreed to pay U.S. broadband provider AT&T Inc to ensure smooth delivery of Netflix content to Internet users
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    ISPs must deliver the speeds they promise

    ISPs must deliver on their speed promises U.S. communications regulators have reminded Internet service providers to promise consumers only the speed and quality of service that they actually deliver
  10. Rouxenator

    Avoid Amobia [resolved]

    Amobia WISP Having used Amobia from 2006~2010 I made the mistake of signing up with them again. They never respond to emails and after more than a week of paying R1700 for an installation and first month access fee all that I have is an invoice. They did call to say they plan to do the...
  11. Q

    Reliable ISP - uncapped ADSL

    Can anyone recommend a reliable ISP that is NOT, I repeat NOT Afrihost or MWEB for uncapped usage?
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Rate your ISP with Google

    Google site rates your ISP A recently launched site from Google rates your ISP’s video streaming quality, and tells you how it compares to its competitors
  13. N

    EW wisp in Cape Town

    I am scanning good signals toward Tygerberg Hill/Plattekloof in Cape Town for ssid's: EW-05 Sector tv, EW-07 Sector Good, EW-08 Sector Mill Anyone know which wisp this is or have contact details please?