1. C

    Crystal Web ADSL performance feedback thread Part 3...

    This thread is intended for customers to interact directly with Crystal Web staff about the performance of the ADSL network and to post feedback about the performance of the network and accounts. This channel is intended for existing customers to request assistance and to interact with Crystal...
  2. A

    AT&T fined $100 million for cap on 'unlimited' data plans

    AT&T fined $100 million for internet speed cap on 'unlimited' data plans Millions of AT&T customers were affected by the practice Brian Fung Thursday 18 June 2015 The Federal Communications Commission slapped AT&T with a $100 million fine Wednesday, accusing the country's...
  3. I

    ISP Fail - PC Network/Cybersmart Uncapped

    If there is one thing that pi55e5 me off, it's an uncapped package that costs the same amount as a capped package, and yet won't let me download the same amount of data as the capped package even if it ran 24/7 for the whole month. That means it's slow as a donkey, and especially slow at the...
  4. MraL

    Fastest ISP in SA?

    I'm feeling out of touch with MyBroadband forums... does anyone here know who the fastest ISP in SA is? Which has the fastest international / local interconnections / backbone to the Internet?
  5. D

    ISP for gaming and heavy bandwidth

    Hi Guys I have been looking around for an ISP to provide VDSL at the best price on a capped account. I have no idea who to choose, i have switched from mweb to affrights to crystal web on a 10mbs line capped accounts put my latency on Xbox Live is so poor. I heavily Stream from youtube...
  6. M

    What ADSL should I get? Please help.

    Hi Guys, I am in conflict about which ISP I should get? I have a Telkom line and I am situated in the Beyers Park/Boksburg area in the East Rand and according to Telkom I can get a 10mbps line, although I am most probably going to settle for a 4mbps line as I find it sufficient. I am...
  7. A

    Switching ISPs mid month

    Hi everyone, first post here. Recently signed up for Afrihost business uncapped on a 2mb line - having rediculous trouble streaming. I'd like to try switching up ISPs before I blame exchange congestion. I've signed up for a Web Africa free account - I'd like to temporarily switch over without...
  8. biometrics

    GroundUp Op-Ed: A stealthy attempt at censorship Freedom of speech is a fundamental right recognised in our Constitution. But that doesn’t mean everyone has to allow that speech anywhere you want to make it. By KEVIN CHARLESTON...
  9. R

    New fibre-to-the-home ISP in Durban, 123Net

    High-speed ftth in Durban. Here is the site 123Net
  10. N

    2Mb line needed - Edenburg, Sandton

    Howzit guys, Been out of the ADSL game for a few years now, still using Telkom mobile as my broadband provider. However, i'm looking at getting rid of the last scraps of dstv and streaming all my content(Netflix or similar). I've heard that a 2mb line should be sufficient for normal...
  11. S

    Can a router "break" telkom?

    So here an interesting scenario, sorry if it's a bit long winded. I've been fighting with my adsl line for 2 months now, constantly dis- and re-connecting at varying speeds. Not sure if that is relevant but it might point to underlying issues with the router which was also mysteriously reset to...
  12. E

    Can I switch between 2 ADSl ISP's on 1 ADSL line???

    Hey everyone, new here and have a question which needs to be answered. So here is how the story goes... We have finally made the decision to move to uncapped adsl. My parents are leaning towards the Mweb 4mbps standard uncapped account which includes adsl line rental for R449. This deal...
  13. J

    Mweb, WebAfrica, Cybersmart, OpenWeb, etc 10mbps home uncapped. Which is better?

    Hope this is in the right place and sorry if there are similar posts but I am wanting to get 10mbps home uncapped and only have around R800pm (including line) to spend. I have been with OpenWeb and it has been painful, YouTube videos just don't load at all, as if it has a block or something and...
  14. S

    Afrihost - fax2mail just cancelled without notice

    When I signed up with Afrihost for my hosting and dsl I created a couple of the free fax2email number they offered and went ahead and printed them on business cards and stationary. I hardly ever get faxes but was expecting one the other day which never arrived. I logged into client zone to make...
  15. S

    Which ISP's offer an open NAT protocol policy ?

    Hello, After a recent adjustment by Afrihost it seems that they offer a strict NAT policy only. Therefore platforms like Xbox 1 will not connect to online games. It used to work fine, but they broke something while trying to make the service "better". This is the response from Afrihost...
  16. K

    Why such a variety in monthly Uncapped ADSL Prices from Provider to Provider

    Why is there such a big difference in prices for uncapped ADSL, Prices range from R249 pm to R397 pm, for a 4mbps line, depending on the ISP. What is the difference, what is the benefit of going with the more expensive ISP?:confused:
  17. C

    Left Mweb... Where to now?

    So I've just cancelled Mweb because I'm getting trottled at 80GB on a 2mbps uncapped account. Where to now? Was paying R340 for data and ADSL line. Purpose of account is to download many movies and series.
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    ISP sued for throttling data

    ISP sued for throttling data The U.S. government sued AT&T Inc on Tuesday, alleging the No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier sold consumers unlimited data plans but would reduce their Internet speeds once they exceeded a certain amount of data
  19. C

    Official Crystal Web ADSL performance feedback thread Part 2...

    Finally, a thread where we get to own the first post. :D This thread is intended for customers to interact directly with Crystal Web management about the performance of the ADSL network and to post feedback about the performance of the network and accounts. Numerous new types of accounts will...
  20. M

    Can the Mweb Fon Wifi Router be used for Other service providers?

    Can the Mweb Fon Wifi Router be used for Other service providers? It should just a router right? When I log into the router to change the ISP settings, then connect, works for a few seconds, then the Default mweb landing page just keeps coming up? Guess either going to have to stay with...