1. O

    Axxess vs Afrihost

    Hello everyone. For the past couple of months, I have been having serious issues with my 4Mb uncapped Telkom adsl line. These issues may or my not have been Telkom's fault, but I have reached the point where I don't want to have anything to do with them ever again. This leads to the...
  2. N

    Moving from WebAfrica to Axxess (and back)

    I moved into a new home and thought to give "no.1" a try according to the latest mybroadband review, below my findings: Accounts WebAfrica never had any issues with payments/double billing even when migrating my line Axxess missed a payment in my first month & disabled my service. When...
  3. I

    ADSL providers? [Long]

    Hi guys I'm a fairly serious internet user; I spend most of my time on Twitch/Youtube or playing Dota. My family (3 other) also use quite a large amount of our data. A few months ago I moved from Afrihost's 4mbps uncapped to Mweb because I was getting unplayable ping and abysmal download...
  4. M

    ADSL ISP's in Trafalgar

    My apologies if anyone else asked this question before, I searched but couldn't find anything so I decided to post my own.:( We recently moved to Trafalgar (South Coast KZN) and can't seem to find a reliable ISP. Telkom shows no coverage but they suck anyway, Mweb was a disaster because their...
  5. N

    High Latency to EU Blizzard Servers - Afrihost 4mb capped

    Hi gentlemen and ladies After having a really pleasant time playing the Overwatch beta and getting around 160 - 180ms on my 4mb capped Afrihost line, I was rather unpleasantly surprised to discover that after the game's launch, I am now getting around 300ms. Using Blizzard's looking glass...
  6. AfriGenie

    Afrihost New Network Feedback - Part 2

  7. O

    How do the fibre networks/ISPs in SA operate?

    Hi guys, How do the different fibre networks and ISPs operate amongst one another? I would assume that multiple networks can run fibre in the same area? If not, how does it work - first-come first-serve? Also with ADSL we knew that Telkom was always involved but with fibre is it now not...
  8. S

    Delonet (and their promotion on mybroadband)

    HI, So I saw this this morning. I am interested to know just how good or bad they really are. I mean their pricing is competitive, and if you can have multiple sessions(2 they claim), that can...
  9. C

    Which is best ISP in Waterfall, Durban?

    I want to find a ISP and ADSL for my mother in Waterfall and I'm here in Johannesburg. I'm not too sure which it could be the better one in Waterfall? Your help will be much appreciate.
  10. J

    Telkom ADSL 4mb line, Constant 250-260 ping on League of legends

    Hi guys, I've had this issue ever since I started using Telkom ISP. With my other online games, I get decent pings. It is just League of legends lol. Most people online get about 190 ping with 2Mb line. I have a 4mb line with ping above 250 constantly!:( I've tried everything. Turning all...
  11. judalion55

    Best Uncapped ADSL Deal including Line Rental (or similar options at better costs)

    Hi guys So I am moving from an estate (which has a sole fibre ISP) into my own house in a normal suburb soon. Thus I need to get a new ISP, and I am not the most informed on this topic... Basically I need an uncapped line at about 4mbps with landline rental included. But Telkom has all these...
  12. T

    Afrihost (pure joy) - paying for 10mbps getting less than 2mbps

    As much "joy" as it brings me paying for something I'm not receiving. I got to say getting 20% of what you pay for is a little more than I'm willing to swallow. Here's my problem: 1. I was on a 10mbit internet connection, line with Telkom and data with Afrihost. 2. Around 2 months ago...
  13. C

    Need to pick an ISP. Help!

    So I'm new to your community, but I've noticed that most people on here are super critical, so I thought it would be a nice platform to get some valuable input on which ISPs to trust/avoid. Moving out of the house means no more free internet :cry: and I now have to shop around for something...
  14. G

    Which ISPs use Dark Fibre Africa?

    Dark Fibre Africa have fibre running down the street past our complex. However, they don't seem to provide ISP services to homeowners. Does anyone know if there is an ISP that provides connectivity over Dark Fibre's infrastructure?
  15. V

    How to use a Softphone in ZA?

    I'm new to MyBroadBand's forums (as seen by this being post #4). I am trying to do research for a start up which I am involved in however I keep getting thrown in circles and the answer is always too vague. I am looking for the best solution for a local pbx and software solution for 5 users. I...
  16. T

    DFA - last mile access?

    If I have a business plan, potential customers, ISP reseller plan, will DFA develop a last mile fibre infrastructure for my business? I plan on starting my own ISP, my only problem is last mile access. There is already a huge network here. Will Dark Fibre Africa do the last mile...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Expect some ISP price increases because of weak rand

    Expect some ISP price increases because of weak rand The weak rand has had a big impact on Internet service providers, and consumers are likely to foot the bill.
  18. Z

    Move my line to Afri or keep Telkom???

    Hey guys! I'm now completely in a mess on whether to move my line over to Afrihost or keep it with Telkom? I see so many mixed thoughts on this that I just don't know anymore!? I'm currently on Telkoms 2mbps line unlimited and I want to move to Afrihosts 4mbps 100GB package. My current...
  19. T

    I want to start my own ISP (Free cringe thread, i was dumb when i was younger)

    How will i start an ISP. I see DFA has open access and I know I will do good in our city. Any help, what do I need. Where will I get it?
  20. Z

    The right internet for Streaming TV

    Hi everyone! So I'm trying to persuade my dad to get faster internet as we are currently on Telkoms 2mbps Uncapped line which is awful for streaming! I don't know which ISP to look at as every ISP that I've read reviews on, there are a ton of people complaining they shape the capped and...