1. D

    IT Field Technician

    Job Location: Brooklyn , Waterkloof Pretoria Requirements: Own Cellphone (Reimbursement) , Drivers License , Own Car Skills: Mikrotik, Unifi, VOIP (Asterisk), Basic Linux knowledge, Routing & Switching (VLANS), Knowledge of all Windows OS. Active Directory , Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 Pc , Laptop...
  2. B

    Best IPS in Wellington?

    What is the fastest most reliable ISP in Wellington Western Cape? Money isn't much of an issue but getting what I pay for is.
  3. T

    BEWARE signing up for any Telkom LIT Box deal / special

    I have had enough. I am STILL waiting since the beginning December for my Telkom LIT box. "No stock no stock no stock" is the constant excuse. I COULD understand that, being December and all. But everywhere I look, from online ads to print media, I see them advertising deals, ending...
  4. J

    South Africa’s first ISP owned and run by a cooperative

    South Africa’s first ISP owned and run by a cooperative What’s special about the project is that it involves a not-for-profit company.
  5. C

    ISP Provider suggestions/experience

    Hi All I'm thinking of moving from my current ISP provider as I have had constant problems which never really get resolved - poor lambs, they do try to help, it just seems to never work. I'm hoping you can share your experiences with your ISPs, so that I can make an informed decision...
  6. JimboJambo

    Opinions on Openserve fiber

    My area just got lit up for fiber and it seems the only provider is Openserve. Whilst im not too bothered with the price, I just want to know if anyone here has had experience with them as their primary fiber ISP and if i should rather wait on other ISPs to operate on the infrastructure? Since...
  7. Newsfeed

    Dutch ISPs must block access to The Pirate Bay

    Dutch ISPs must block access to The Pirate Bay The Hague has ordered Dutch ISPs Ziggo and XS4ALL to block access to The Pirate Bay, TorrentFreak reported.
  8. J

    How long does Open Serve take to install?

    Hi everyone I’m curious about something. I’d like to figure out whether different ISP’s have better working partnerships with OpenServe than others. Some ISP websites say an OS fibre installation will be 3 to 6 weeks, others say abut 4 weeks. Could you please comment with which ISP you use...
  9. Marz

    Openserve CrystalWeb packet loss

    I must admit I feel happy in that I have had the privileged of experiencing multiple fibre service providers. Traditionally I was using MTN as an ISP before I had to move rather urgently at the beginning of this year. Wonderfull line to use and the only thing I could fault them on was their...
  10. D

    Fibre CPE not from ISP

    Hey guys I'm close to getting fiber but don't want to get the router provided by the ISP. I'm more specifically talking about the router which the fiber connects to off the wall directly and then possibly bridges to a Wifi router over WAN connection. As i understand the fiber router...
  11. Scooby_Doo

    WebAfrica Service Levels - ISPs managing your ADSL Line

    In terms of ISPs managing your ADSL line, what exactly should we be expecting? WebAfrica does not seem to have any processes in place to manage tickets once they have log one with Telkom. I am not sure if I am just expecting too much from the ISP? It has been over 1.5 months now, and...
  12. Newsfeed

    Why fibre installations take longer on certain networks

    Why fibre installations take longer on certain networks The excitement of your fibre order being processed by an ISP can be met with frustration as you wait for the connection to be installed.
  13. J

    Fibre Specials - Vumatel Infrastructure

    Morning All, Happy Monday! So Vuma is done in my area and I can now proceed with my install / picking an ISP. I am hoping to get an ISP that is offering the free install (R1790 / activation). Has anyone see any specials out there at the moment? I dont mind a contract if the deal is good...
  14. T

    Mobile Connection for Streaming

    Good Day all Firstly, I'd like to apologize if what I am about to ask has already been asked. I looked around and didn't find any answers:cry: hence I am asking. I came across a lot of live events being streamed on Facebook, youtube etc. and would like to get some advice as to which...
  15. M

    WebAfrica moving exsisting customers to shaped accounts for capped.

    Hi All I want to know who else has had this. I moved to a webafrica capped account some years ago because i wanted unshaped. Then the package got cheaper and cheaper. then without notice I start getting latency issues when gaming. Test everything but all seems OK. Log into my...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    ISPs must block The Pirate Bay – European Court

    ISPs must block The Pirate Bay – European Court The European Court of Justice has ruled that*Dutch ISPs*must block access to The Pirate Bay.
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Internet Solutions gearing up for big ISP product launch in South Africa

    Internet Solutions gearing up for big ISP product launch in South Africa Internet Solutions will soon make a big announcement regarding a new product that will benefit the ISPs on its platform, CEO Saki Missaikos told MyBroadband.
  18. N

    Web Africa Fibre feedback

    Considering getting Web Africa as ISP choice for fibre installation. Any good or bad stories? Alternatives are iConnect, Cool ideas and Vox.
  19. A

    Why can people from the UK get 150 ping to here, but we get 180 to the UK?

    My questions is exactly as the title says. I have plenty of friends from the UK who get 150 ping to any of our local servers, and yet when we connect to UK servers, we have a minimum of 180. Why is that? And if there's a way to fix it, how would one go about it? Could our ISPs optimize their...
  20. D

    Recommendations - ISP's with high availability (uninterrupted service)

    With ADSL it was difficult to have a service which stayed up for very long. However, with Fibre, consumers can now look forward to having a service with high availability, that is seldom interrupted. This makes them suitable for small/home businesses and demanding users. The problem is that...