1. R

    Webafrica Clawback Fraud

    A clawback fee of R999 has been debited 3 times for the ridiculous free-to-use router they give you. I'm unable to get through to them properly, the moment I think the issue has been resolved they debit me again. It's nearly impossible to get your money back but incredibly quick for it to evade...
  2. S

    I felt a tremor. Thunder is surly imminent. – An outsider’s inside view and review of RAIN and its future.

    Note: I'm not affiliated with, funded or supported, - by Rain. Just a crazed fan with an opinion Foreword What is the correlation between life in September, and the Tech Space? You see the sky darken, you see little flashes of light and before you know it the wind is raging and thunder knocks...
  3. Snow11

    Your ISP experience

    So vumatel started digging in our area for fibre (at last) and was informed we can start preordering. Since there is a lot of ISP's to choose from I want to know some of your recommendations about the different ISP's, like who to avoid and who must really be considered. I know Afrihost, Cool...
  4. H

    data reseller

    How does one become a data reseller, and which ISP company do you recommend to register with?
  5. I


  6. cobusv

    Upload Limits on Fibre Networks / ISPs

    Hi Guys, Im sure this topic has been discussed to arms length but i'm still curious as to why we cant have symmetrical services and why upload still is limited by ISPs and FNO's. The way i see it is that their networks are all bought symmetrical and upload should make no difference to any of...
  7. B

    Moving from telkom adsl to telkom lte

    So telkom are forcing me to move from my 20mbs uncapped adsl line to an uncapped fixed LTE service as there is a fault on line and they arent replacing copper cables for dsl. Telkoms coverage in my area doesnt appear to be great as i get slow Download and upload speeds with telkom mobile which...
  8. G

    I need a response from rain

    Good day folks I just want to start out by saying rain used to be great -- years ago Now they are downright unusable. For the past few months I would have no internet access (with full signal) before 6pm, yet after 6pm I would have great access This caused me to be charged more than I was...
  9. Dretastic06


    Hi, is any of you guys using Easyweb(Wireless connection) and more specifically in Cape Town? Mind telling me if there has been any issues your side?
  10. C

    Best VPN to use in 2020?

    Hi, I would like to know what VPN's people are using in SA? What speeds are you getting? Are you able to watch Netflix, Hulu, BBC player etc?
  11. F


  12. RocketNet-Rep

    What "tools" are you using to be more productive at Home?

    Many companies have recently adopted or were forced to the adaptation of working from home. Many companies even had to implement new remote worker policies in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. With this in mind, we are curious to learn which "Tools" individuals and companies have turned to...
  13. L

    Vuma Pathetic Service

    Good Day Just would like to find out if I am the only one in this boat Our area is covered by Vuma and since day 1 have had isses. First of all we have 2 connections on our property one for main house and one for Cottage Now here is where all the problems started. When they first installed...
  14. R

    Worst company support and service

    I have been trying to get my ISP cancelled and have had the worst time trying to do this with afrihost. Firstly I have cancelled their service for 2 reasons , slow internet speeds, even though I was paying for a 20mbps line and a support centre which is virtually impossible to get hold of...
  15. T

    Fibre in town, not on coverage map

    Hi There is an fibre line running past my house, its +-100m away from my house, refer to the attached picture. The red line resembles the fibre line, blue line is the overhead Telkom lines on the poles. I phoned numerous fibre ISP's for more information, apparently they cant assist me because...
  16. S

    High ping to EU

    Hi recently my ping to EU has increased. It use to be around 170ms now its 300ms+ ping to other regions are the same as always just wanted to see if anyone else has this problem or if it is only on my side
  17. Anthro

    1-Grid is Dead.

    RIP if you are using their "services". Some of my Company parters are using these guys, and they are dead in the water. cc @1-grid
  18. J

    The ISP with the highest speed

    The ISP with the highest speed MyBroadband’s Q4 2019 fixed-broadband speed test results reveal that CipherWave, Supersonic, and Cool Ideas are the Internet service providers (ISPs) with the highest average speeds. These rankings are based on 390,530 speed tests which were performed using the...
  19. J

    The top ISP in South Africa

    The top ISP in South Africa MyBroadband has released its Q4 2019 speed test report, which shows that Supersonic and Cybersmart are the best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in South Africa. MyBroadband’s Q4 2019 speed test report is based on 34,799 user ratings through MyBroadband’s web-based...
  20. M

    What are my rights (as a homeowner in a complex)?

    We bought a sectional title in a complex in Parklands, more than two years ago. The complex is managed by a body corporate who is utterly incapable of doing anything. The complex obviously does not have fibre and for the last two years I have been actively trying to get fibre installed in the...