1. M

    can you help me fix my ADSL? my ISP doesn't know what is wrong!!

    I've had this 4MB ADSL subscription for over a year now, since january 2016, and it was super good for the first 6 months, everything working at full 4MB speed, 70ms-90ms latency in games. but until june things started getting bad, some websites like facebook started to slow down, videos wont...
  2. joppenheim

    Which fibre provider to choose?

    Hi experts Are there any recommendations in choosing a fibre ISP? My area is about to come online with fibre via Vumatel and I see they have HUNDREDS of packages through various ISPs: Most of them are very impressive and fairly easy to navigate to your...
  3. S

    Are all ISP's created equal?

    I have used Telkom as my ISP for 5 years and have been happy with the service. Faults have been sorted quickly, no billing issues, up time has been good. Only annoyance is occasional network congestion during peak times (early evening). It's time to upgrade and Telkom's 40Gb / 4Mbps offering...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Best ADSL, FTTH, and Mobile ISPs in South Africa

    Best ADSL, FTTH, and Mobile ISPs in South Africa MyBroadband’s latest broadband survey shows that Cybersmart, Crystal Web, and Axxess are the best Internet service providers in South Africa. The Q1 2017 broadband survey was completed by 2,463 South African broadband subscribers. These...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    US ISPs stop sending piracy warnings – they didn’t work

    US ISPs stop sending piracy warnings – they didn’t work ISPs and media companies in the US have stopped sending online piracy violation notices – a move which formed part of the Copyright Alert System.
  6. H

    Fibre in Noordwyk, Midrand

    Hey Guys They are busy laying down Fibre lines along Liebenberg road, does anyone know if these will be for FTTH or purely for business use, its a very residential area so I could only imagine FTTH but through which ISP and who do I need to bribe to make it happen. Thanks
  7. S

    SA Digital Villages - ISP

    Hi Does anyone know which ISPs are available on SADV. I see Afrihost and cool ideas are both linked. Anyone else? I'm looking for a ISP that provides a cap service. I prefer higher speed with a lower cap at a decent price. Thanks
  8. H


    Dear MyBroadband I hope you are all well. I would like to share my personal experience with Amobia as my WISP. I have been a client with them for 4 years now. In 2013 they were on the old system where they used a torching system. The torching system prioritised browsing, streaming and...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    I want less from the government – ISP CEO

    I want less from the government – ISP CEO When MyBroadband asked Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov what he wanted from the government to improve broadband in South Africa, he had a simple answer: less.
  10. C

    Mweb Services

    Hi everyone, I've finally decided after years of thought that I'm switching over to ADSL. After a few months of research I decided to go with Mweb as my chosen ISP provider. Telkom gave me my normal telephone line after a struggle with them and ordered my uncapped 4meg adsl and line from...
  11. H

    Business ISP recommendation - Durban area

    Hi there guys. Hope you can assist. My company is in the market for a new ISP. Looking for a solid, good ISP with a technically sound technical department, with good after sales service, and support. We will require fibre lines, VOIP, and MPLS between branches. Can members of the forum...
  12. 5

    Best ISP to go with in Melville, thinking of cancelling Web Africa.

    Hi There, I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for so thought I would just create a new thread. If this has been answered a link would really be appreciated. But basically I got my parents fibre through open serve and Web Africa at their house, the process was terrible it took...
  13. C

    Best ISP for International Latency?

    Hi everybody, I'm on the verge of having my Telkom Fibre installed this week and I'm looking to take advantage of the lowered latency. I play a lot of Dota 2 on European and SEA servers and I was wondering which ISP could give me the best international latency in Johannesburg? I used to get...
  14. W

    My Wisp want to charge me extra money to fix a fault on their side?

    So, I am not going to mention the Wisp in question for now, I just need some assistance with some legal matters. I play Ps4 online, and as far as I can gather from my Wisp is that everyone on their network works from the same IP Address, (not to sure about how that works technically) All...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Fastest fibre ISP in South Africa

    Fastest fibre ISP in South Africa The latest MyBroadband speed test results show which ISP had the fastest average download speed of all fibre-based Internet service providers over the past month.
  16. AfriGenie

    Afrihost Fibre Feedback Thread

    Hi! I thought it would simplify things quite a bit if we have a consolidated Thread for all Fibre feedback. If you have any questions or queries with regards to your FTTH package or are interested in FTTH, please let us know! :) Check if you have FTTH coverage HERE.
  17. P

    ISP Advice

    I am currently with Nexus ISP on a 2mbps line. There are currently 4 of us using it, mostly for gaming and youtube. I am very happy with Nexus in general but during peak times it becomes unusable for even general browsing. I will probably have to move up to either a 4 mbps package or a capped...
  18. D

    Need advice on which ISP package to switch to

    I have had an ADSL line with Telkom for many years now and it has done the job alright. I haven't been one to download a lot so speed / uncapped wasn't really necessary. I am not sure what my line speed is, but it's on the slow end, and I think I get about 100GB a month from my current package...
  19. J

    NAP Africa Congestion

    Hi Guys and Gals in the industry. Since the Apple and Windows updates have been released in the last 2 days, NAP Africa has been HAMMERED!! NAP JHB in particular today, seem to have limited their bandwidth to 90Gbps in total, which is killing ISP's with anything more than a 2Gbps link to...
  20. C

    LA Webs ISP News

    We decided to start a new thread. And for our first news post we are glad to announce that we have a new logo design. We needed a more comfortable logo with strong meaning for our company so we took it to a graphic designer to redo the whole Logo for us. We are pretty happy with the...