Vox Telecom Support


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Oct 24, 2014
Is it just me, or is Vox's support the most incoherent, dysfunctional bowl of dog turd out there?

There's supposedly twenty-million different departments with absolutely no intercommunication. No department wants to take responsibility to aid you, but are quick to connect you to another irrelevant department who is just as incompetent to help you.

There's umpteen support email addresses:
All of them are routed to a single room with an infinite number of monkeys typing away at an infinite number of keyboards. Eventually you will get the reply you want, but it might take a while - a very long while. And most of the time, they have no idea what they're doing.

Today I send in my cancellation, and I shiver to think of the idiocy I have to deal with for such a simple, universal process. I predict 5 telephone calls, 3 emails, and 2 tweets to have this fulfilled.

Just as a suggestion for someone considering getting Vox - Don't.

Well...Don't go with them if you value customer service and support. A decent product is half the story - because when s**t hits the fan, and you need some assistance, you want the process to be painless and easy as possible. You do not want resolution to come after 2 weeks, escalation, numerous emails, tweets, and countless minutes of your life wasted on the phone.

This is just my consistent experience as of now - Things might change however - They might've gotten worse when you're reading this.