1. G

    Vox Claw back Charge

    So just got a quote from Vox and spoke to the sales consultant now, who mentioned that if I cancel the service within 12 months, there is an R1725 cancellation fee. This is because of the "free installation" clawback fee. Which I'm yet to find in their T's & C's. Also, I'll be charged this even...
  2. G

    New Home - Fibre/ISP Transfer

    Hi all. New to this and hoping someone can please assist. We just moved into a new place and are trying to set up a fibre line. We started the process through Vox/Vumatel but it's been held up because there was an existing line with Cool Ideas/Vumatel from the previous owners. Vox keep...
  3. L

    Need Help Vox fixed Mtn LTe with ZTE mf286c

    Hi, So basically I have a zte mf286c router that I got from Afrihost and reset it and loaded uo the correct apn and stuff from vox. So I am stuck on the green light on the router, but I think problem is that won't go onto the 4g mtn network. I don't know if there is a fix, bypass or whatever...
  4. V

    Help! Vumatel Line stuck on old ISP

    Hi All, Need some help. Helping a friend get her fibre connected in a new place. The house has a Vumatel CPE connected but cant activate with a new ISP because Telkom still holds the line from the previous owner. The previous owners are useless and not very helpful to get the line canceled so...
  5. T

    Is there an ISP ombudsman? I need to report Vox Telecom

    I've heard of ispa.org.za, but wondering if there's other organisations that may also be affective in filing a case against Vox. update: Vox attempted to call me last week Friday - after hours for some reason - and now want to charge me R2000 to cancel an APPLICATION. They've never provided me...
  6. T

    Stay away from Vox LTE! Proof of horrendous service inside.

    Firstly, I should say that I really don't want to drag the dirty laundry out into the public, but Vox has given me no choice. It's been 5 weeks now of me wasting my time going back and forth with them to try and get them to deliver the service I am paying for... and still nothing. Just issue...
  7. S

    How would I go about getting an ADSL connection to 2 different rooms on seperate ends of my house?

    I'm looking at getting a fat pipe 40mbps adsl deal on Vox and my brother wants to join in as well and I was wondering how I'd go about getting the connection to two seperate rooms so that he can use wifi/lan in his room without speed loss and I can also use wifi/lan in my room while I'm gaming...
  8. J

    Just another Rager my endless Struggle!!! VUMATEL AND VOX

    So after almost 2 years of struggling and walking door to door to 350+ houses to get interest sparked to get fiber in our Area it happened it finally happened the Grey boxes are on the wall and the deed is done... Well so I thought. 1st July 2020 - Oredered 10Mbs uncapped Vox on the Vumatel...
  9. D

    Fibre In Pietermaritzburg

    Hi So on my street and a few others I've notice they started marking off and trenching. I asked the guy working what it was for and he said it's for Fibre. Yay!!!! But he seems to contracted by some other company to do the trenching because he doesn't know for which company they putting the...
  10. M

    Vox order stuck at Vumatel

    Hi, so I recently moved into a new apartment where they have SADV/Vumatel coverage. In preparation for the move I ordered a new line from Vox in mid July and thought by atleast the beginning of August they would have scheduled installation. So by the 29th of July I phoned Vox to follow up since...
  11. Sharkssmart1

    Satellite Internet... what's up with that?

    I see big potential into something like that when you look at SpaceX's StarLink program for Satellite Internet (it is like internet without borders in a retrospect) which will accordingly have a maximum speed of almost a gigabit (1000 megabits) a second. I don't know how long it'll be until we...
  12. M

    Pure DSL Openserve & Vox

    I placed an order for pure uncapped DSL on the 7th of June 2020 with Vox. I have called and emailed them various times to inquire about my order since they have not provided me with any feedback. Last week I even emailed Openserve to find out when I can expect to have the line installed but...
  13. W

    VOX FTTH and Call of Duty Online on PS4

    I'm running Vox FTTH on OpenServe and have noticed, in peak times mainly, that I cannot connect to the Call of Duty Warzone Online Services. The system just hangs at "Connecting to Online Services" for a few minutes. I'll eventually switch to Afrihost and it connects almost instantly. Has...
  14. J

    Vox triples ADSL data for lockdown

    Vox triples ADSL data for lockdown Vox has informed customers it will triple their monthly ADSL data usage cap effective from 1 April 2020. "During these trying times, staying connected is crucial in order to work from home, ensure the children can continue learning, and keep streaming your...
  15. F


  16. J

    How to check you are getting the cheapest deal on Vox

    How to check you are getting the cheapest deal on Vox Vox subscribers who have been with the Internet service provider for more than a year may not be getting the cheapest price possible on their packages. This is due to price increases Vox implements every year across its active subscriber base.
  17. S

    Vox announces GREEN WEEK deals

    The start of Vox Telecom’s GREEN WEEK deals was announced via email today (more deals to follow): Early Access to our Double Up Promo! We thought we’d open up one of our deals a week early, so you can get a taste of the great specials we have waiting for you! Save 33% on your Fibre to...
  18. L

    Anyone on VOX willing to do a quick ping for me?

    As per the title, if you have a minute to spare, please drop a message or send me a quick PM. I suspect there is something wrong with VOX's DNS cache (specifically sparrow cache) and need someone to do a quick ping for me to verify. Thx!
  19. J

    Vox launches Wi-Fi Retail Lite for coffee shops and restaurants

    Vox launches Wi-Fi Retail Lite for coffee shops and restaurants Vox has launched its Wi-Fi Retail Lite solution, which offers coffee shops, restaurants, and other small service businesses the ability to offer free Wi-Fi to customers. “Retail stores can ill afford not to provide customers with...
  20. M

    VOX Fiber/Frogfoot and Mikrotik Routers...

    Hello all. I have been with VOX since 2013 and they have been more than accommodating from the start. I switched over to fiber as soon as it was available in my area and had nothing but great things to say about them. I have been a advocate for the company since day one, getting a lot of my...