google accounts

  1. PhreakBoy

    Google account details and Streaming devices?

    What is everyone else doing regarding Google account details and streaming devices? Do you use your primary Google account or have you created a secondary? What are the potential risks? My concern is with regards to logging into my Google account on the streaming device for the house /...
  2. D

    Huawei Y6 2019 google account lock

    The phone was reset by the owner, and cannot recall the google address used, as its asking for google account previously associated with this device to continue. Should be running android 9 Any assistance would be great.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Catch the Olympics 2016 action with Google

    Catch the Olympics 2016 action with Google Google is delivering “the best its products have to offer” to its users during the Olympic Games Rio 2016.
  4. DWPTA

    Logging into Google

    Don't know if this has been posted. Google has added a nice feature where by you can logon to you account without typing in any info. It will be mainly used if you need to use a public PC and you are not to sure if a keylogger is installed on the pc. All you need to do is visit...