1. S

    Syncing Blackberry Group Calendar and Google Calendar

    I have set up a group on my Blackberry and a Group Calendar so that my wife and I can share calendar events. We both also have Google Calendars and I was wondering what is the best way to sync up our Blackberry Group calendar events with our Google Calendars p.s. We are on Mac.
  2. hawker

    Tuks Linux User Group

    Hey guys There is a Tuks Linux users group meeting tonight at 7pm. Venue: IT Building 2-24 (second floor - lecture hall 24.):D Tuks obviously being - UP (University of Pretoria). Its entrance is on the corner of Roper and Lynwood streets. So for those of you that are keen to attend you...
  3. Ockie

    LGBT group created.

    Hi all. I have created a LGBT group for any gay members on this forum. If you feel like it, please do join. Lets see how it goes and if there is any interest.....wont know till we try hey. Regards: OC PS: THIS GROUP HAVE NOW GONE...
  4. D

    QQ myBB group

    i was so bored the other day i created a QQ MyBB group u can download it local and use it local it doesn't take much space,well if anyone is interested.MyBB QQ number=111497