1. WraithFiend

    WoW Guild <Stands in Fire> 4/8M Uldir, LFM

    [EU][Horde][Laughing Skull][4/8M] <Stands in Fire> is a mixed group of veteran and new wow players currently raiding mythic 4/8. We are currently looking for any dps as we already have a balanced raid composition. We are looking for motivated players who are willing to learn to play their class...
  2. S

    Looking For South African guild / players

    Hi all There doesnt seem like much going on with regards to GW2 from a South African community. I wanted to check if there is a South african Guild that I could join or a guild with a few South Africans playing Im fairly new (from Wow) and would love to join up and learn the game
  3. C

    Old Beta weekend clients

    Does any one here still have any of the Old beta weekend Clients? Ive been data mining GW2 for a while now just for kicks and have now dug through all of my archived clients. Ive been looking all over the web but i cant find a download for any of the beta weekend ones, so if any of you know...
  4. S

    Cape Town Alliance (Lightbringer EU) Seeks new recruits

    Cape Town Alliance is seeking to fill its ranks with Social / Casual / Raiders. We are a newly formed guild on the Lightbringer EU server. Its an Alliance Faction guild. Also we are looking for an Experienced Raid Leader/s to take the troops out for 10man raids once the time comes. Feel free...
  5. S

    LF South African Horde Guild Lightbringer Server EU

    Hi all .. Recently came back for the WoD xpac, used my lvl 90 Boost on a Horde Hunter. I'm currently on the Lightbringer Server and would like to know if there are any South African Horde Guilds or atleast a guild with mostly SA Players on the Server as it seems that Prophecy have Disbanded...
  6. R

    Archeage Guild

    Archeage Guild Recruiting - Debauchery Tea Party Join us in playing one of the most innovative new mmos to come out in years. Debauchery Tea Party is a predominantly South African guild with a broad focus and interests in pvp, trading and crafting. Guild Info Interests: Battlegrounds...
  7. B

    Iniuria - Guild Wars 2 SA guild

    Southern Legion [ZA] - Largest South African Guild Wars 2 Guild - Aurora Glade Type: Social Group Guild, PVP/PVE/WvWvW Website: Facebook: Server: Aurora Glade For Guild Invites: Bushbaby - BosBaBa.3286 | Shirou -...
  8. P

    Dies Irae (Draenor EU) PvE Horde

    Hi Guys I know there are a few ZA oriented guilds out there but we are a relatively new guild on Draenor. New guild does not mean new players, a lot of us transferred over from the US and our guild mistress and master both had level 70s (pre-wrath) in the US so there is a fair mix of...
  9. S

    Time to guild war

    If you like Guild Wars you would just love Fallensword.. and it is free. I actually play it 24/7... I use to be playing Guild Wars but with over 1,9mil players worldwide Fallensword really is more worth it... It features PvP (Person versus Person) ; GvG (Guild versus Guild) ; Hunting to gain...