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  1. yayokb

    Need to change ISP, need to find max supported speed

    Hello guys! This is my first post so sorry if this is just another repeat of someone else's post. But, I really need the help. I'm a teenager who is this household's only hope in finding out the best package for us and whether or not we're being overcharged. Currently, we have a 4Mbps 40GB +...
  2. L

    Best 2nd hand car to buy under R150 k ???

    Good Day all I'm new to mybroadband so please don't be harsh if i may ask a dumb/repeated question here, i'm still figuring this out :p Im looking at buying a 2nd hand vehicle around the R150k mark. I have lined up quite few cars im looking at. Main focus is on Fuel economy...
  3. T

    IT Qualifications and career advice?

    Hi all I am looking for advice in what IT Qualifications/path I should take, including career prospects and what career path I should take. I’m not sure where to start off with my explanation so I’ll jump right in to it. First off I would like to start off by saying I am very passionate...
  4. J

    New Rider looking for a motorbike opinions

    Hi, So I recently became a licensed driver and now Im looking to purchase a second-hand motorbike.. Problem is, is that my budget is around +-12k but theres so many options out there. You get a 250-300cc bike for cheap but is Chinese and I've heard they are not reliable, then theres your...
  5. A

    3G newbie questions

    Hi all, I'm new to 3G connections and just had a few questions: I am back from England and recently signed up for Afrihost ADSL. So far so good, apart from a few errant SMS, I was up and running swiftly and the speed seems good, so I am a happy customer. I travel fairly extensively for work...