1. M

    Ajax or Hikvision AX-pro?

    Any recommendations on choosing between Ajax and AX-pro security ecosystem? I wish to upgrade a fairly old but operational wired alarm system (mostly beams, magnets and Indoor PIR's) by integrating these items through the multi transmitter modules of either Ajax or AX-pro and then adding a few...
  2. Yoda Arain

    HiLook DVR! Device Unbind

    I've got Device Model: DVR-108G-F1 with Firmware Version: V4.30.101 installed. Today, I tried to connect my mobile with the DVR for remote monitoring, but I was shocked to find that the device was already linked to someone else's account. I tried to unbind via the HiLook app, but it says...
  3. Jan

    Vumacam responds to US allegations that they use Chinese spying tech

    US concerned that Vumacam uses China-style spying tech — here are the facts Vumacam has hit back at claims made by US lawmakers in a resolution proposed by certain members of the country's House of Representatives concerning its use of Hikvision cameras. The resolution calls for President Joe...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    Hikvision, Huawei, and ZTE electronics banned from sale in the US

    Hikvision, Huawei, and ZTE electronics banned from sale in the US Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. were banned from selling electronics in the US by regulators who say they pose a security risk, continuing a years-long effort to limit the reach of Chinese telecommunications companies into...
  5. Jan

    Thousands of Hikvision cameras in South Africa affected by critical security flaw

    Critical security vulnerability affects thousands of Hikvision cameras in South Africa CYFIRMA security researchers have discovered thousands of Hikvision cameras used in over 100 countries worldwide that are vulnerable to a critical command injection security flaw. The flaw is tracked as...
  6. C

    Needing some Hikvision assistance

    We have a HikVision Accusense ColorVu analytical camera and the settings for line crossing and intrusion detection use to be enabled on the camera but I disabled it because the neighbours cat kept setting it off. I tried to put it back on and to check the box that says "enable line crossing" /...
  7. Chris

    Hikvision's sleek Wind Series Portable SSD

    Hikvision's sleek Wind Series Portable SSD The Hikvision Wind Series Portable SSD is a sleek storage drive offering fast speeds for multimedia users, gamers, and professionals. Its small and lightweight design makes it easy to slip into your laptop bag, briefcase, handbag, or backpack, and...
  8. Muttley

    Ezviz Wi-Fi Camera issues

    Hi guys, (sorry for the long post) I'm trying to assist my uncle remotely with this Ezviz Wi-Fi Camera's. He's got the following equipment: Ezviz ezNVR (CS-X5C-8) 4 x Ezviz C3W Wi-Fi Camera's 2 of the camera's are connected directly to the NVR's Wi-Fi and these are working fine but 2 of...
  9. YourKaptain

    Rain Fixed LTE NAT Changes

    Good day, I have a client with a Hikvision NVR, using Rain's Fixed LTE as their internet connection to the NVR. Now they have been able to successfully access their CCTV System via the internet for more than 8 Months, now since earlier this week, they are no longer able to. I checked and no...