home adsl

  1. S

    100/100 Mbps R899 pm Uncapped

    Fibre and wireless connection available
  2. M

    What is the best DSL setup I can get on a budget of R1,120 per month?

    I am in digs with 7 other Rhodes University students. The pings are too high and we have never experienced full line speed. Before I moved in, they had a WISP called iGen (www.igen.co.za) they were paying for a symmetrical 6 Mbps connection. When I moved in this year, I decided to free the digs...
  3. S

    Modem/router combo VS modem + router home network

    Hi I am looking to improve my home network, I am using a telkom supplied D-link adsl-2750u . I use it to connect my smart tv, xbox , 2 laptops and 3 cellphones to the internet and home network. So do i buy a 'future proof' modem/router combo or a 'future proof' router and stick with my old...
  4. AndreTheGreat

    Static IP for Home ADSL Users

    Ok, so I have looked around a bit and found that only Axxess offers static IP's for home ADSL users at R59 per month. That is a very reasonable price. Why they are the only 'big' ISP in South Africa that offers this service, I can't understand. Surely ISP's have gotten a lot of requests to...