1. J

    Where to buy custom blinds

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend a store in Johannesburg or online to buy custom blinds? Somewhere that is inexpensive please.
  2. A

    Eurolux FS260/FS261 day night switch light not working

    From looking through Google Search results I seem to be the only person with this question...which surely cannot be possible?! I recently swapped out my day/night switch and outside lights with the Eurolux FS260 (10w) and FS261 (20w) which has built in day/night sensors. This worked fine for a...
  3. J

    (S) Samsung HT-C555 Home Theatre System

    Item: HDMI Digital Optical USB IPOD RCA Video Remote Control Original Wiring DVD DivX video formats 5.1 channel 2 Front tower speakers 2 Rear tower speakers 1 center speaker 1 Subwoofer https://www.samsung.com/za/support/model/HT-C555/XFA/ Age: 2+ years Price: R2 000 Warranty: N/A Packaging...
  4. T

    Wiring light

    Hi, I currently have lights mounted to a wall, I'd like to rewire it to the ceiling and therefore need to extend it, the wire needs to be as thin as possible as it's going to be exposed (concrete ceiling). The plan is to use a cable connector and join the existing cable to the new one. Any...
  5. Jamie McKane

    Keep criminals out of your home

    Keep criminals out of your home The South African Police Service released its crime statistics today, which show that in the year to March 2019 there were 22,431 cases of robbery at residential properties. Dialdirect Insurance has warned that South Africans need to be vigilant to avoid...
  6. chickenbeef

    Google Home Mini

    Item: 2x Google Home Mini Age: +-6 weeks but still sealed Price: R700 each not negotiable Warranty: No Packaging: Original Condition: New, sealed Location: Cape Town, Northern Suburbs Reason: I initially bought 4 of these but found that I only really need 2 due to my home being mostly open plan...
  7. A

    Hanging pictures on mirrors on the wall

    Hi guys It may sound random but I want to know the best way to hang pictures and mirrors on concrete walls, either using nails, strips or whatever. I have just repainted and re-plastered most of our house that we just bought. I want to start hanging some pictures and mirrors but I am afraid...
  8. A

    Electric Fencing

    Hi guys I am a new home owner and first time buyer. I need to get an electric fence put up on my front wall. Can someone recommend me places that will do a good job and for a reasonable price, I don't really want to get ripped off. Or if someone does this for a living, can you please let me...
  9. M

    [UK] Homeowner, 78, arrested 'after burglar stabbed to death during break-in'

    Homeowner, 78, arrested 'after burglar stabbed to death during break-in'
  10. Z

    Home Purchasing / Transfer

    Good Day fellow Forumites. I have the following situation, I currently reside with my mother, with whom the current property is registered in her name. She lost her job in 2016, in which I then deposited money into her account so that the bond may be debited from it. The bond is in her name...
  11. D

    Best Fibre Router For Home

    Hey All, So Im having some issues with my Fibre Router at home (Cruddy D-Link Dir-816). What I am looking for now is 3 major things in the new router: Good Wifi Range & Reliability Reasonable Price Powerful Interface (Allows some fine grained control) I could go the whole Ubiquiti route but...
  12. C

    Cost involved when owning a home

    I have found a flat I would like to purchase. I am not 100% what the monthly costs like rates and taxes and building insurance etc would be. I am looking for a rough idea of the costs to ensure I budget correctly. Figures are as follows: Price of flat: R1 049 990 Bond per month @12% with no...
  13. D

    Mist Fan - Worth It?

    Hi Everyone Looking for a good fan and one of those mist fans caught my eye. Is it worth buying a mist fan? Does it cool slightly better then normal fans?
  14. G

    Fibre in Bonaero Park, Gauteng

    Hi all the readers, In last month sometime, an unknown company at that time installed Fibre, right past our complex front gate.(Actually picked up bricks and installed.) So, a few days later I asked the security at the gate, and they mentioned its MTN. My question is, can we somehow...
  15. S

    Work from Home

    What kind of setup does one need to work from home in a pure linux setup in the spirit of open source? ;)
  16. R

    Firewall Recommendations for Home ADSL

    Hello People Could I get some recommendations for a firewall for a home adsl link? Hardware device, software or just stick with the firewall in the ADSL router? Thanks
  17. LazyLion

    Cannot install bundled Office 365 Home with Telkkom subscription

    OK, so I'm at a friends house. He got two years of Office 365 with his Telkom ADSL subscription (two of the medialess 1 year packages) But for the life of me I cannot get this thing installed. He has a microsoft account, but when we enter the key into his account it just goes back to his...
  18. M

    Recommendation for a home LAN installer

    Hi folks I realise it may be seriously uncool to even suggest bringing in an outsider and not running this as a DIY project, but I lack the time, the patience, the practical know-how and quite possibly the skill. I need to get a home LAN set-up. Medium-sized house - but loads of concrete...
  19. D

    Best (not to expensive) home phone

    Hi guys, Please recommend a phone for home. Got one from Telkom shop, and it was second from top, but quality is like a toy phone. Luckily (if you return within seven days) they refunded me. Should I get one from Makro or Dionwired, and model please. PS. Also found out they charge you for caller...
  20. W

    Pinehurst Estate Durbanville

    Hi everyone I am looking at property in Pinehurst Estate in Durbanville and would love feedback and tips / things to be aware of etc. The property prices seem to be rising fast and I'm wondering how long this will be sustained ... (Not that I am asking anyone to predict the future) If you...