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    [UK] Salon criticised over anti-homeless water sprinklers

    Salon criticised over anti-homeless water sprinklers
  2. Solarion

    Homeless man who found New Jersey bombs is given apartment and job prospects

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  3. LazyLion

    US Police Arrest Larcenous 'Hermit' lost since 1986

    Police in the far north-eastern state of Maine have arrested a loner who vanished from sight in 1986 and survived by stealing supplies from area camps, local media reported Thursday. Christopher Knight, the 47 year-old man locals called the "North Pond Hermit," was arrested last week and...
  4. LazyLion

    Homeless Durban Man Found with Bomb

    Police in Durban have defused a bomb they found in the trolley of a homeless man, it was reported on Friday. Desmond Daniels, sales representative for the security firm UDI electronics, told The Witness a member of the public raised the alert about a man carting scrap metal along a road in...
  5. LazyLion

    US Man Gets 3 Years for Videotaped Homeless Beating

    A video posted on YouTube a few days before Christmas in 2011 shows a young U.S. man striding purposefully into the woods as a cameraman asks what he's about to do. "About to go beat up this bum," the man says. And that's what he does, punching and kicking a homeless man in the face...
  6. QuintonB

    Bridging the gap between tech and the homeless

    Taking tech to the homeless On the foggy streets of San Francisco, tech superstars and the homeless can be hard to tell apart in their identical hoodies. But there’s a key difference: smartphones and cash in some pockets, neither in others.
  7. M

    Homeless dog tries to save dog hit by car

  8. T

    Man finds woman living in wardrobe

    http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23783158-2,00.html Only in.... :p