1. TheSaladBhenchod

    Is Silulastore.co.za legit?

    I stumbled across this site from Price Check. They seem to sell a fair amount of gadgets at rather decent prices. It seems too good to be true though. Does anyone have experience with it? https://silulostore.co.za
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Honor 6X budget smartphone launched

    Honor 6X budget smartphone launched Huawei has launched the Honor 6X budget smartphone, which is aimed at the “cost-conscious yet uncompromising Internet-minded millennial”.
  3. Ockie

    Huawei U8860 Honor available (Vodacom SP)

    Right. This phone will be available for us to order from Monday. I will be posting the deals here: http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/315209-Vodacom-SP-Monthly-Deals-(DEALS-ON-PAGE-ONE!) OC
  4. R

    Muslim man critical after 'honour attack' with acid

    Appalling the things people in the name of culture...