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  1. B

    1-grid - i/o usage exceeded

    Hi there , I have an ecommerce store running Woocommerce and Wordpress and off recent I keep getting a 508 error and my website experiences a lot of downtime. I am with 1-grid at the moment so increased my package to their X-Large Linux Hosting package but I still experience the same problem...
  2. Wolfe&Co

    Absolute Hosting saved my business in 2022!!

    Hi MyBB Forum.. just sharing my heartwarming experience with Absolute Hosting... So back in October 2019 we launched our first company Wolfe&Co. not knowing what the web design industry had in store for us, as any web design company, web hosting comes quite naturally as both a sales tool and a...
  3. S

    Unable to get 1-grid / gridhost / serve to transfer (release) domain

    Help!!! Has anyone else had experience transferring a dotcom domain AWAY from 1-grid / gridhost / serve / whatever they are calling themselves this year? We have been trying since July to get them to release our domain, which we recently found out is actually registered with enom (they don't...
  4. J

    South Africa's hosting providers compared

    South Africa's hosting providers compared Whether you're planning on starting up a website or are looking to move to a new host, there are many South African hosting providers to choose from. It is crucial that you pick the right hosting service if you want to ensure that you get reliable...