1. jes

    Flash in the pan (Column)

    Flash in the pan (Column) Something momentous happened on Wednesday — something most people will never even hear about
  2. R

    30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS: a Free Tuts+ Premium Course
  3. jes

    HTML5 under European Security Agency scrutiny

    HTML5 under European security agency scrutiny The European Security Agency has issued a warning that standards under development as part of HTML5 may neglect important security issues.
  4. C

    The truth about Apple's HTML5 showcase

    Read the rest here: This shows what steps Apple would take just to promote their browser (Safari).
  5. M

    IE9 to implement H.264 in HTML5

    Apple and MS will support H.264 as a video codec in HTML5. As much as they crow about the superior quality of the codec, you have to wonder how noble their motives are when they ultimately benefit as licensors of the codec...
  6. T

    HTML5 -the best features

    Best of HTML5 HTML5 features are starting to filter onto the Web. We look at some of the best
  7. T

    Will HTML5 unseat Flash?

    Adobe's Flash is still the dominant rich media platform on the Internet, but HTML5 is coming. Will HTML5 unseat Flash?