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    The best Huawei LTE routers for fast download speeds

    The best Huawei LTE routers for fast download speeds Whether you are on a fixed-LTE package from Rain, Cell C, or Telkom, you are likely to be using a Huawei LTE router. Huawei has established a strong position for itself in the South African LTE market, with its devices often the default...
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    OpenDNS on Huawei LTE B315s

    Need some advice from the network guru's out there. Intent: Safeguard my web content by specifying the DNS to point to OpenDNS. Problem: There is no option for a DNS address on any of the mobile & carrier screens. When I had a normal ADSL line it was easy, DNS was one of the optional...
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    Port Forward via Vodacom NAT

    Hi there, I'm trying to access my DVR via the internet and have thought to port forward the applicable TCP ports required by my DVR on my Huawei LTE B583s router. What I've since discovered is that the IP Address that my router registers is a 10.x.x.x IP, however when I check "whatsmyip" I...