Port Forward via Vodacom NAT


New Member
Oct 28, 2014
Hi there,

I'm trying to access my DVR via the internet and have thought to port forward the applicable TCP ports required by my DVR on my Huawei LTE B583s router.

What I've since discovered is that the IP Address that my router registers is a 10.x.x.x IP, however when I check "whatsmyip" I see that I am communicating on the internet as a 41.13.x.x address.

My assumption then is that my 10.x.x.x address is being NAT'ed to the 41.13.x.x address by Vodacom, however I'm not sure why.

That aside, my question simply is whether it is possible to Port Forward a server/DVR on my LAN while my router is being NAT'ed to a different address.

William R.