1. Zoomzoom


    Ok so I'm turning to MyBB for answers once again cos it seems like the only place to get any help. A friend of a friend is a visiting SA in December on a budget but wants to go hunting for a few days. Can't afford the cost of a safari tourist hunt, and in any case, just wants to experience...
  2. N

    Hunting : The right to hunt ?

    Hi, This is a thread to better understand the concept of hunting in a modern time and the validity of taking up the so called sport. This is not an Anti hunting thread, its merely a forum in order to gauge a better understanding of the sport and the rationality that sits on the trigger...
  3. LazyLion

    Hawks nab alleged rhino poachers Great News! We can only hope that the poacher died slowly and regretted his crap life for a few minutes before he finally bled out in the dust like a hunted animal! :D
  4. S

    Telkom Line Hunting - How does it work?

    Hey fellow MyBB'ers I've been assigned to sort out the PBX, telephone lines, hunting facilities, and advertised telephone numbers for one of our clients. One thing I'm not fully understanding is how Telkom Line Hunting works. I've read the Telkom website, and understand the basics. What I...
  5. S

    Sanlam cancels hunting trip after rights groups complain

    cape times 03/03/09 Who would want to hunt a little monkey?:sick: