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    used ssd drive, 120 GB+

    Hi Anyone selling used ssd? I need it for my HP Laptop running i3 processor. I see Takealot have them for R480, I am just checking if there's anyone selling theirs for way below that?
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    Slow HP LAPTOP

    How do I make my HP laptop fast? I tried all Google search suggestions... HP Windows 10 Home edition i3 4GB Ram. 1TB HDD 2Ggz Yho! the start up process is pain. I must wait plus 10 mins to get browser running. I have uninstalled all adware that came with it but still it's slow. So I...
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    Windows 10 Home Edition keep freezing

    Hi I bought hp i3 from game last year. it came with Windows 10 Home Edition but lately I can't work on Microsoft office and open multiple tabs in either edge, chrome or firefox. It will freeze and slow down my work. What must I do? Everything is up to date. Even did AVG performance thing...
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    Intel Quad Core Pentium vs i3

    Hi Need help deciding on a laptop,one is Acer E1 core i3 and the other is HP 250 Intel Quad Core Pentium. Which one is good? Will not freeze every now and then? I use browser too much and google sheets alot so I need something that will respond well to my commands,I tried HP 15 and it was too...
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    Acer Aspire V3-571 Core i3 Laptop [S]

    Great laptop in excellent condition and in original packaging. I have been using this laptop for about a year as a secondary machine for graphic design. It has run Corel Draw and Photoshop perfectly. Performs way better than I would expect of a machine with these specs! Selling to replace...