1. D

    Best Java IDE

    I have recently started a Java course at MSA, they use the BlueJ IDE but i don't feel 100% comfortable with it. I wanted to know your opinions on a good beginners IDE from anyone involved in any form of java development. They have recommended a few others, but if those are anything like BlueJ...
  2. D

    C Modulus, A new Programming Language

    Xylon Studio just came out with a new Programming Language for its Software Framework (subatomic Js). This new Programming Language is compatible with JavaScript and can be used to build cool Desktop applications. Download here: What C Modulus code looks...
  3. D

    Issues with Installing XP on system with a GA-H110M-S2PH DDR3 MOBO

    Good Day all. My client has software (made by VW and Audi) that only runs on XP (for a dynamometer for vehicle diagnostics and testing) and his old "dyno PC" crashed out hard and he ordered a new one from us, problem is the only system we were able to get him was the one posted below. Now the...
  4. M

    Android development IDE

    I've been using Eclipse, as I am learning Android development, but I've heard of other, better IDEs. IntelliJ comes to mind. Are there any other IDEs that are good for Android development? I am coding with Java (haven't touched C# in years). I've heard of Netbeans as well. Are there any others?
  5. T

    Universal Drive Adapter?

    Hi guys, Would anyone know where I might be able to get a device/adapter that does the following: capable of connecting either 2.5 or 3.5 drive to the device/adapter via SATA or IDE? Able to connect to the pc via USB or E-SATA? TIA Cheers :)
  6. DrJohnZoidberg

    Disk Copy Speeds

    Hi all, Last night I was copying a 8 gig MKV file from one drive to another and was interested in what kind of speeds you get when copying from one drive to another (internal). I have 1 x Seagate 250GB (IDE - had to get iDE on last system due to driver issues) and 2 x Maxtor 80GB (1st gen...