1. F

    Forex in South Africa

    The increase in forex trading ads and forex "success" stories in the country has put forex trading in the spotlight. Really want to be profitable? Let's talk, share ideas, strategies and quick tips. Real people, real information.
  2. D

    Urgent: Toyota Corolla Flasher Relay

    Hey Guys, My grandfather drives a 2004/5 Toyota Corolla and last week the indicators/flashers just stopped working. All the fuses are fine in all of the fuse boxes on the vehicle. We suspect it is the flasher relay, but when we took it to the "Extremely Helpful" :mad: parts department at Fury...
  3. akescpt

    E36 Intermittent Idicators

    this problem is driving me insane. this needs to be fixed. changed fuses and swapped the flash relay but no dice. if anyone in cape town, preferably northern suburbs can recommend a good auto-electrician id appreciate it. got good service from a shop in paarden island a while back so ill go...
  4. S

    Water Damage Indicators/Stickers on Cell Phones

    I've read that most cellphones nowadays come with several "water damage indicators" inside the phone. These are usually white stickers that are placed inside the phone in several different places and on the battery. In the event that water comes into contact with these stickers, they turn from...