1. J

    Whats the cheapest way to buy s10e?

    I dont want to pay off a contract since I'm quite happy with my month-to-month airmobile package, but I do want a Samsung Galaxy s10e. Whats the lowest interest way to pay off a an expensive cellphone? some options are; I could use my edgars account to pay it off? Purchase it upfront with my...
  2. B

    What are your favorite art styles in the house?

    Many people do not really know, but try to imagine yourself with these types of art on your wall. Reply 1 to 21 to show your interest. Me: 1. Portraits - faces or people 1. Portraits - faces or people 2. Nostalgic pieces or anything vintage looking 3. Simple, unoffensive, or calm pieces 4...
  3. Nivea

    Fibre in South Crest!

    Hi guys, On Vumatel we currently have 37% interest shown if I'm not mistaken and would like to encourage any other people that live in South Crest to show their interest! Find your address and then sign up please! Thanks guys
  4. C

    Saving on intereset on Home loan?

    I was wondering if I take out a home loan from Standard-bank/FNB and get access to an access bond. You can transfer money into your access bond and withdraw again. When I get my salary the debit order will go off and I have the rest of my salary to spent the way I want. If I have extra money I...
  5. X

    How much interest should I expect on a home loan?

    I've recently begun the process to purchase my first home for R600K, with a 25% deposit. So the amount I'm looking for from the banks is R450K. I went through a bond originator (recommended by the estate agent), who came back with the following: ABSA declined, Standard Bank offered prime +5.25%...
  6. G

    Florauna - Nina Park, Pretoria North / Telkom LTE SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless !

    --- NOTE : this is for Pretoria North , Florauna , Nina Park , Akasia and Outlying ONLY !!! --- Hey Guys. Please register for uncapped broadband @ : If you don't mind to complete my Form / Survey as to provide proof to Telkom there is...
  7. irfaanf

    FNB Cobol Leanership

    Hi all, I've applied for a position at FNB on their COBOL Learnership program. I'd like to know what it's all about, in particular what systems/programs are coded using COBOL at FNB. Is it used to handle credit card or inter-account transactions? Does it involve calculation of interest rates...
  8. T

    "Good" Home loan interest rate

    Anyone know what a "good" interest rate on a home loan would be? Got offered 8.59% (Prime -0.66%) by Nedbank on a 2Mil home loan. Is that any good? Still shopping around though.
  9. N

    Psychology Masters Survey

    Hi All. I am currently studying my Masters in Psychology through the University of Liverpool and am looking for participants for my online survey. I need people living in South African who are over the age of 18 years old. Please spare 10-15 minutes to participate in an online Masters Research...
  10. S

    Negotiating interest rates with banks

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone had luck trying to negotiate interest rates with banks in South Africa. I have had a loan with a bank now for 3 years and I want a better interest rate. In the good old days one could go and sit with a bank manager and negotiate. Is there any way of negotiating these...

    Earning monthly interest

    When it comes to earning interest I'm a complete noob and forgot everything regarding this I learned in school. Let's say I have R30000. I'm with Capitec Bank and I'm supposed to earn 4,75% interest. Is this interest paid out monthly? I.e. Do I get 4,75% of R30000, which adds up to R1425, paid...
  12. I

    Are we operating a flawed monetary system?

    Im not sure where exactly to ask this, but you lot seem like an intelligent bunch, so I shall ask it here.First off, Im no Economist or anything of the sort. Im just an ordinary teen that enjoys researching the zionist Rothschild and how they have manipulated us all into having perceptions of...
  13. D

    Safe investments with maximum return?

    I recently sold my house and would like to invest the profit I made. I want to invest with the safest option that gives the best interest. Nedbank currently has an option of an account that you can get the money with 24 hours notice with 6.1% per anum. On the other hand, Retail saving bonds...
  14. R13...

    Rental Refund?

    When you rent a property through letting agents the deposit is normally placed in an interesting earning trust account, right? My question is when you are refunded do you as the tenant get the interest minus costs or just the original (not really as you lose money over time) you paid in when you...