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    iSAT Spammers!

    Is anyone else getting huge amounts of spam from iSAT recently. I have many different email addresses and am getting the same spam nonsense on all of them, they've obviously picked up all my email addresses recently. You cannot reply to their spam email and they don't have a support email...
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    iSAT and shaping

    I have been with iSAT for over 10 years, I used their dial-up service for a long time, then upgraded to the 384k option, then 1Mb and now I am on their EASY 2Mp Uncapped option. I have never had any major issues with them, until this month. They implemented this "Star Rating" system sometime...
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    Which ISP to go for?

    I'm looking at getting an ADSL 1MB Account & line. I will using it for gaming, downloads & browsing. I will be the only Computer connected to the line. I have been researching through ISPs and i found the cheapest to be: Cybersmart, iSat, Afrihost, Openweb and Webafrica. I'd just like to know...
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    Any feedback for iSAT uncapped ADSL?

    Any using iSAT uncapped ADSL?