iSAT and shaping


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Jan 23, 2016
I have been with iSAT for over 10 years, I used their dial-up service for a long time, then upgraded to the 384k option, then 1Mb and now I am on their EASY 2Mp Uncapped option. I have never had any major issues with them, until this month.
They implemented this "Star Rating" system sometime last year, and I didn't really run into problems with it, cause I always obeyed their AUP. I have had my Star Rating go up and down, but this month it's gotten to the point that I feel extremely restricted from my usual internet activity. I have noticed that they are shaping my connection when I exceed "5GBs a day", cause I noticed from monitoring my usage, if I went through 5GB in a day, suddenly the next morning I will have a "your Star Rating has changed" e-mail waiting for me.
I have purposely lightend and restricted my usage, barely using 1GB a day, and it took them 10 days to "increase my Star Rating by 1".
Their description on how much data used is quite foggy, I have never run into problems until now. Why am I being shaped when I am barely using my connection at the moment?
Seriously, watching a few YouTube videos can take almost a GB, my family also use the connection for work and leisure.
Today I have become fed up and am considering switching providers. My main concerns are, my friends and some family are in Europe and we often play some games together, I need at least a relatively usable latency for that. I use Skype alot for voice calls.
The line is mainly used to play some games with friends, Skype, watching the odd YouTube video and streaming music, downloading some Steam games (which I always did sparingly anyway) and plus the usual e-mail and Facebook.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


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Jul 6, 2007
Look at the business uncapped options from various ISP's. I would advise you to look at your total usage and perhaps consider capped options as well. Capped bandwidth will be of higher quality (lowest contention/pings, etc)

Three examples that will perform better than your current ISP at +- the same cost:
Afrihost 2mbit business uncapped
Vox 150gb capped (midnight - 6am uncapped)
Crystal Web 150gb Capped