1. MDKza

    SiC ARK Survival Evolved Server

    Hi All! We have created a new ARK server for those interested. We have fully active admins that are around more often than not. Details about the server itself (for those looking for the details): 24/7 Hosted at a local datacentre 8 cores 6 Gig Ram 200Gig HDD Restarts happen...
  2. S

    Soccer club in jhb

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know of sum good soccer clubs I can join around fourways or inside jhb? Thanks.
  3. S

    Video Joiner

  4. xrapidx

    SQL Query - merging to data sets.

    Ok, I'm having an off day at work, and can't figure this out. I need to join two tables, that have no key to join on. TABLE A has a list of items, and their features. e.g. ITEM_NAME, FEATURE_NAME, FEATURE_VALUE Laptop1, RAM, 2GB Laptop1, HDD, 160GB Laptop1, Display, 14" Laptop2, RAM...