1. T

    Doing your K53 motorcycle learner's licence on the new system

    So I must do my Learner's Licence on the new system - computer instead of the manual pencil & paper multichoice test. I was told that the new system has 80% fail rate and 10% pass rate. And some motorcycle schools can't tell you what to study for the Learner's test - because the ENatis system...
  2. DA-LION-619

    My Windows Phone Apps

    I'm consolidating everything into this one thread, which will make it easier for app updates. EyeWitness News Gumtree SA K53 Learners Encyclopedia K53 Learners Quiz Lotto SA Sicki-Pedia Telkom Mobile YTS
  3. K

    K53 Driving Lessons/ Driving Schools

    Hi, can anyone suggest a good driving instructor or driving school which operates around Rosebank/Killarney area? I need to do my lessons for driving test in October. Thanks!!
  4. medicnick83

    Driving school in my area

    Hi all, I'm looking to find a driving school in my area which is Gardens / Vredehoek in Cape Town. I've been doing driving lessons with friends, but I think I've got the hang of actually driving, but I need to start learning to do the thing, properly before I pick up bad habits etc...
  5. F

    Recommended Driving schools in cape town

    I need to go to a driving school for my K53 test, do any of you guys know of decent/reliable driving schools in Cape Town?