1. FiestaST

    When you purchase KFC do you "Add Hope"?

    Just wanted to know if you opt in for the "R2 for a good cause" when you buy your healthy KFC? I don't ever tbh but did today. http://www.addhope.co.za
  2. NeonNinja

    KFC and R2 Donations (@AdvBarryRoux)

  3. K

    KFC Dunked Wings Sauce recipe??

    I freakin' love dunked wings sauce from KFC, but R54.90 for 8 wings is getting ridiculous! So I am on a mission to make my own version that is close to or even better than their ginger+honey+soy sauce. I have found this web page from 2010...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    UberEATS KFC deliveries now in Cape Town

    UberEATS KFC deliveries now in Cape Town UberEATS has expanded its partnership with KFC to Cape Town. This follows the launch of KFC deliveries through UberEATS in Johannesburg.
  5. Number Six

    KFC for lunch?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXdkEt_j0HU Testing the market for Taco Bell?
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    KFC Watt A Box lets you charge your smartphone

    KFC Watt A Box lets you charge your smartphone The new limited edition KFC Watt A Box meal has a built-in power bank, which allows you to charge your smartphone.
  7. Rubberpigg

    KFC China sues three companies amid eight-legged chicken rumors

    Yum Brands Inc's KFC unit in China said on Monday it has sued three companies it claims are using a popular messaging service to spread false rumors about the fried-chicken chain, including allegations that its chickens have six wings and eight legs. The legal maneuver comes as KFC, which...
  8. B

    Kentucky vs KFC

    Okay so I just chowed down on some KFC chicken pieces...and regretting it again. Slimey, way too greasy and semi liquid in places. It's been like this for a long time, but I dont remember it being this crap back in the day (pre 2000) Anyone else think the old Kentucky chicken was tons...
  9. Jan

    Sunday Times Top Brands survey: top technology brands in SA

    Top tech brands in South Africa The Sunday Times has revealed some of the results its latest Top Brands survey, including those in the technology sector.
  10. Jan

    South African gamer survey: take aways, booze, and sex

    South African gamers: fast food, alcohol, and sex A new survey sheds light on South Africa’s gamers, including their favourite fast foods and which beer brands they prefer.
  11. antowan

    Are the KFC 'Built large for the man in charge' ads misogynistic?

    Stumbled upon this comment by Tom Eaton: https://twitter.com/TomEatonSA/status/398521767255240704 "Each time the new KFC "Built large for the man in charge" ad airs I see some new ****ed up misogynist undertone. What is WRONG with men?" Opinions?
  12. jes

    KFC investigates card scam malware

    KFC investigating massive card scam Follows international scam that targeted the local fast food industry
  13. LazyLion

    Chicken run - Gaza smugglers bring in KFC

    Palestinian’s in Gaza are forking out bucket loads of cash to get a taste of the Colonel’s secret sauce. According to the Guardian smuggler’s are sneaking the popular fast food into the occupied territory from Egypt through a series of underground tunnels. The logistics required to get a...
  14. I

    Cranium game at KFC

    Is it the full, proper game? Talking about the ad showing some meal from KFC with a free Cranium game. I'm happy to buy the meal and feed the hobos (not a fried chicken fan) if it gets me the game at a cheaper price (remember it being over R300 when I last priced it; has that changed?). Any...
  15. PhreakBoy

    Max Frango's

    I have recently tried their fried chicken (specifically the one in Bonaero Park, joined with Mochachos) and I am thoroughly impressed. I've had the chicken on 3 occassions now and believe it to be better than KFC. It is definately less oily. The crust is a bit different, but bot in a bad way...
  16. T

    Russian KFC

    http://mybroadband.co.za/photos/showphoto.php?photo=14025&cat=500 :D
  17. B

    You Eat My Baby!!!

    I think the new KFC Boxmaster commercial will go down in SA TV history, along with the Nando's commercial with the old lady walking into the pole, the Cremora "It's not inside, it's on... top" commercial and the Kulula.com "Si..ri..yas" ad. I think like 10 of my FB friends had "You eat ma...