1. RustyPrincess

    Laser eye surgery in Joburg

    Been considering getting my eyes zapped for a while now, any recommendations for a good opthamologist in Joburg? Any idea what it costs nowadays?
  2. N

    Lasik Surgery - My Experience (Long, detailed read..)

    Howzit guys, So ive just been for lasik surgery for both my eyes last thursday, and have fully recovered and back at work :) I thought it might be informative to others who are thinking about going for the procedure and have concerns and questions. Lets Begin... History: So i have been...
  3. CathJ

    Soft Contact Lenses

    So I've been thinking about having LASIK, which means that I can't wear my contact lenses for about 2 months beforehand (because I wear RGP lenses). But I really hate wearing glasses, and I just can't see as well out of them, especially peripherally, and I'm not sure that I want to drive...
  4. CathJ


    I've just started the process of getting an appointment to be assessed for LASIK... now I'm nervous :o The thing is that I've been wanting this for years, and even went to be assessed 3 or 4 years ago, but couldn't do it then because they didn't have the custom ablation machines (which I need...